Week of Wine (WoW) Dec 18, 2015

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This was both a great week for wine as well as for me personally... 

I got my blood test results and I'm happy to say that my cholesterol is normal @ 168 WITHOUT having to take any meds.  What an improvement from last Feb when it was approaching 300 and the Dr told me I better start taking pills or face impending doom. 

Since then, I've lost 50 pounds and I'm running 10 miles+ a day.

I feel strong... I feel empowered.  Most importantly I feel like I CAN accomplish anything if I put my mind to it.  What a great feeling!

Ok, enough of the health talk... let's talk about wine:

Lapostolle Canto de Apalta Cellar Selection 2012 - Although I bought this bottle in a local restaurant and got charged excessively more than I would have paid otherwise, I enjoyed this wine.  Lapostolle is on my list of familiar labels I can choose confidently knowing the juice will be solid.  This one was no exception.  The dinner experience however was VERY disappointing.... but more to come on that in a later post.

Chappellet Cabernet Franc 2013 - I was totally jonesing to break into this shipment when it arrived Monday, but I had to practice restraint due to my upcoming blood test.  You better believe I tore right into this bottle once I got the all clear for takeoff Wednesday night.

In lieu of boring tasting notes and quite frankly a bunch of wine BS, I'd rather simply post a pic of myself and Mrs. Whore framed by the vineyards and beauty of Lake Hennessey in the background at Chappellet.  Enough said.  Try their wine if you haven't already, visit the winery, and fall in love with what they're doing.  It is a thing of beauty.


Cakebread Cellars Merlot 2011 - I am not afraid to admit that my Merlot is my favorite grape.  Despite the fact that Sideways brutally beat Merlot into shame and disgust, it will forever have a special place in my heart. 

It's awesome in French Bordeaux (St. Emilion is my favorite region), it's awesome in Napa blends, and I dare to say that I think it's awesome even by itself. 

That being said, Cakebread's strength in my opinion is not their Merlot, it's their Cab.  This bottle was good, but it left me wanting more of what I have come to expect in those other bottles.  Good thing I have several of those in my cellar just waiting to be opened... but we'll save that for another day.

Hahn Winery Nicky Hahn Pinot Noir 2014 - Like a wine themed version of Russian roulette, every time I'm at Publix, I pick a bottle I've never tried before which costs less than $20 hoping to find that one hidden gem.. hoping to find that one bottle I knew was out there but haven't found... hoping to find something I can enjoying drinking without breaking the bank.  Hoping to find something good.

Although this bottle was good, I dare say that I think there's better ones out there.  Spin the barrel one more time, the search for mind blowing greatness continues.

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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