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(Mr and Mrs Wine Whore at the John C. Sullenger House in Oakville, Napa)
Nickel and Nickel may cost a pretty penny but it's worth every cent.  Sister winery to such well known labels as Far Niente, Dolce, En Route, and now also Bella Union, Nickel & Nickel consistently rules as my favorite Napa Cab in the $75-$100 price range.  

If you've never tried a bottle of their single vineyard cabs, you are without a doubt missing out on an experience which I can only describe as a gift from the gods.  All of the smoke and mirrors have been spared.  Consisting of 100% cabernet (no blending), each bottle is built to show the terroir of a specific vineyard.  This simple yet beautiful concept liberates the wine to tell its story, where it grew up, and how upbringing of the grapes affect the final taste in the glass. 

(The Wine Whore and Nickel & Nickel Winemaker Darice Spinelli)

Have no fear when choosing a bottle from Nickel & Nickel's portfolio.  Although it may seem confusing to those who are not familiar with each of their vineyards, I can say with 100% confidence that you will not be disappointed.  Every bottle is amazing. Period.

As a ritual, I always open a bottle of Nickel & Nickel to celebrate life events both good and bad.  This cab was present at both my wedding as well as my best friend's wedding, it was there the day a good friend passed, and it was there once again for myself and my wife as we solemnly enjoyed it together last Monday evening.  "How was it?" you ask.  One word... Perfect!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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