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... no words can describe this experience!

I can't wait to pick a few bottles from this year's vintage to hold for Liam's 21st birthday. Any suggestions?

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nancy said...

awww... we bought some reserve cakebread cab when our son was born.. they said it would cellar! congrats!

Chris said...


There may be some good vintage ports this year. The north if Portugal had a good year apparently.

Also some Bordeaux producers expected this year to be a good one...

Joeshico said...

Congrats Randy,
My youngest is 34 y.o. my oldest is 38 y.o.
Enjoy the next half century. It's a joy.
As far as 2010 vintages I really haven't researched the world, but I am looking forward to one, if not the best, year ever for the Finger Lakes.

Terry SImpson said...

Welcome to the club, Randy-
I started a blog for my son at alaskandad.blogspot.com -
you might enjoy doing the same. It is the best thing I ever did

sewa mobil said...

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Anonymous said...

Anything from lot 18!

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The Wine Shop said...

What a beautiful baby, you are very lucky. It won't matter which bottles you hold, when you open them you will remember back to now and be very happy.

DanG said...

You look like a natural. Congrats Dad!

Austin Beeman - Understanding Wine TV said...

Pray for a Vintage Porto year! And congratulations!!!

UGA Wino said...

I bought a 6-pack of Ridge Monte Bello for each of my daughters ('99 and '01 vintages) when they were born. If you purchase on futures, it's pretty reasonable. At least it was 10 years ago. I think I paid about $60-$65/bottle back then. The wine definitely has a track record of aging for 20 years.

I screwed up and forgot to order some for my son ('05) so I'm still scrambling looking for something to lay down for him.

Nice blog!

Bill Rosich

George Wroblewski said...

Got to be Bordeaux second growths I think!

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