Week 26 and V-Twin Zin

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OK, so here we are. 26 weeks have passed since the creation of what will hopefully be a happy and healthy baby named Liam Michael. Wine consumption is at an all time low. Beer consumption is considerably average. Baby planning is at an all time high. Despite the fact that his room is as ready for a tenant as a section 8 crack house, we are steadily working towards our goal of giving him a warm welcome. I think I've got everything under control except for the fact that I have absolutely no idea what to do once he gets here.

Instead of taking classes, learning how to breathe, or even scouring the internet for information on how to be a good parent, yesterday I decided to crack into some wine. I still have a lot of bottles hanging around that I never got around to tasting. One of which was a bottle of V-Twin Zinfandel.

I am a sucker for cool labels but I always have low hopes for the juice they disguise. I don't know if it's because I haven't been drinking as much lately, or the mere fact that I just needed a drink but this wine actually hit the spot. I slugged back several glasses of this juice while enjoying some of my mother-in-law's kick ass pork roast. Neither may have answered my questions about parenting, but they both helped comfort me into forgetting about all of those worries for the time being.

What more could you ask for? ... well, besides a good nanny! :)


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Joeshico said...

Congrats Randy,
Poor baby, looks like he was fed a Florida wine just before photo shoot.

Foxy Lady said...

I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw this picture! HYSTERICAL! As you are dear man! You and Sheila are gonna rock the parenting mode of life... and just think... when times get tough.... open another bottle of wine to get you through.. I know you've got plenty in that 'second 8 crack house' of yourss! Slainte!

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