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Like a boat's bloated cry of its horn blaring through the clouds of dense fog filling a dark harbor, the coming of labor day always signals sort sort of change for me. It signaled the beginning of a new school year, the end of summer, and all too often, the start of a new chapter. When I got married, it brought on even more significance. I can't forget to overlook this holiday as it is also the anniversary of my wife's birth.

With the new mini-whore on the way, I haven't been drinking nearly as much wine as I did this time last year. But when I do crack open a bottle, I've been finding myself gravitating towards Chardonnay. Not only are Chards a refreshing treat on a hot summer day (usually after golfing for hours) but they are also my wife's least favorite white wine. What better opportunity to purge my Chardonnay supply than while I am drinking for two! :)

This weekend may not include much wine, but it will include lots of sun as we celebrate my wife's birthday at the beach. Who says you need to drink to have a good time? Okay, maybe it doesn't hurt, but I have a feeling that massive quantities of alcohol won't be necessary. The chance to spend some quality time with my wife and mother-to-be is sure to be all that I need.

Happy Birthday Sheila and happy Labor Day to all of my wino friends!


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Rachele said...

Hope you two had a wonderful time. Chardonnay used to be my Summer wine, now I'm all over the place and drink whatever I'm in the mood for:)

Menderes Akdag said...

That's a sweet picture! Great blog! I am a total wine whore! Chardonnay is my favorite! Keep up the great work...

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