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It's the theme that prevails through our lives...

As children, we can't wait to become older. As adults, we can't wait to retire. As elderly, we can't wait to have grandchildren. What are you waiting for? Chances are you too are hoping time will pass you by.

Why do we do this to ourselves? What's so wrong with this moment that it makes us want to fast forward to the next?

Aging a bottle of wine may take patience and self control but aging as a human being happens weather you like it or not. Patience and self control only help through the journey. While the results of the second, hours, and days gone by may be rewarding, it's still important to live for the moment.

Steal a moment of time for yourself. Stand still as the second-hand moves and the sands of time steadily fall. Feel the air rush into your lungs, the sun tickle your skin, and the fresh summer grass cut your nostrils. After all, the present is a gift and it's a great day to be alive. Drink up, enjoy every sip, and have no regrets.


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Joe said...

Well said, sir. What if I want to retire right now, though?

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