Balls to the Walls

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Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid?

You know, the one where the excitement battling anticipation like a Chuck Norris smackdown felt like it would never end. For me, this wrestling match took place every Christmas eve. It was as painful as a roundhouse to the jewels just waiting for each minute to pass. I was tortured by the thought that my new favorite toy was waiting out of arms reach as it lay wrapped under the grasp of the evergreen tree. It's blinking lights and poorly stuffed ornaments mocking me with distraction.

Some things never change...

This feeling has its grips on me once again but this time I'm excited today for TWO reasons. Tomorrow I find out whether or not my now sixteen week old baby in the womb is in fact the male that I've been bragging about for over 18 weeks.

I don't know if it was just because of the anticipation or just a need for a fun distraction but today I went out and bought a new putter. It's ugly, gaudy, and completely ridiculous looking but then again so are a lot of people's kids and they still love them. Hopefully I can putt with it worth a crap or I'll look like a complete idiot.

I can't wait for tomorrow's news and for the chance to get out on the course and put my new toy to the test.

... wish me luck!


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Norcal Wingman said...

Best of luck with the X and Y Chromosome shake down. Even though it's been cast in stone, I too had a last minute debate and prayed to the gods of manhood.


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