Drinking for two...

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It's funny how some things in life change...

Although it was only three years ago, it feels as distant as a past life. I stood over the stove anxiously preparing one of the few dishes I knew how to make. Let me just start by saying that my spaghetti and meat sauce is by far quite unimpressive. That didn't stop me. I was hoping that the love I put into it would make up for the fact that it was made from Ragu and nothing that could be considered as prepared from scratch.

Before crafting this half-assed meal, I talked a lot of trash. After all, this was my "signature dish", "known worldwide", and like nothing else anyone has ever tasted. The truth was much more modest. To make my signature dish, I would brown some ground meat, stir in some Ragu, and pour the mixture over boiled spaghetti. I've been told before that I don't know how to cook... I just know how to heat things up. Well, if there was ever a dish that fell into the "heat things up" category, this was it.

Sometimes you just know...

Ever have that feeling? You know, the one that tells you that everything is going to be okay... or the one that tells you that something just feels right? Well, the second Sheila tasted my "signature dish", looked up at me, and smiled, I knew that she was the one and only woman for me. It wasn't long before we were married. I'd like to thank my spaghetti and meat sauce for helping me realize what was in front of me. I'd like to thank this simple dish for helping me find one of the most difficult things in this world... true love.

Tonight, Sheila asked me to make this dish for her. I thought about it for a second, smiled, and gladly accepted the challenge. While a lot has changed since that first time we enjoyed the same dish, one thing remains the same: I love her as much as the day we first met.

To celebrate the moment, I opened a bottle of Bivio Tuscan Red. The wine went well with the mild yet meaty pasta. A great solution to the everyday drinker question of "what should I open tonight?" This has become a much more difficult question for me to answer. After all, Sheila may be eating for two, but I am drinking for two.


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@nectarwine said...

Congratulations, my friend. Everything else in life pales in comparison to love and your family!


Kate said...

Many Many Congrats to you two!
Can't wait to hear what bottle you open to celebrate the birthday!

Anonymous said...


Sip with Me! said...

Congratulations on your big news!!

Frank said...

Awesome - congrats!

Joeshico said...

Wondering why you're not around that much anymore. Thought maybe it was the golf. Congrats!

Rachele said...

I knew it! Congrats to both of you. How exciting. I too will be waiting to see what wine goes well with this very Special Delivery.


in vino veritas said...

Conrats to you and Sheila. Take a few bottles of your favorite Bordeaux from the same year the baby is born and put in the cellar. It will bring back great memories when you share them with your child later. All the best.

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