Golf: The Addiction Behind the Wine Drought

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I have a problem... sure, you may be thinking, what's new? Well, this time my addiction isn't with wine. It all started last December. It was the first time I ever held one in my hands and for some reason, ever since, I haven't been able to put it down since. Yes, you may have guessed it... the object I picked up was a golf club and now I am addicted to golf.

If only there were a way to marry my love for wine with my new addiction to golf. I've tried bring bottles of wine out to the golf course, but glassware still seems to be the problem. I may be a bit trashy, but drinking wine out of plastic cups with a bunch of dudes just feels ridiculous.

I never thought I would say this, but aside from breaking an 80, my goal right now is to conscientiously drink more wine when I am not out on the golf course. On top of that, I am going to Las Vegas in a few weeks... there is sure to be some good wine ahead of me there!

As part of this effort, the other night I opened a bottle of Purple Angel Carmenere/Petite Verdot blend from Montes. This Chilean red was gritty, full bodied, and overall very nice. While there was certainly nothing wrong with this bottle, I think when it comes to these types of traits, I prefer a Monastrell over this Carmenere blend. Why? Much more bang for the buck!

How do you balance your hobbies with your love for the grape?

Please help a wino in need! :)

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allan said...


You know I got your back! Have you checked out the Rocky Gap Resort in Maryland (http://www.rockygapresort.com/)? Not only do they have a an award winning golf course, but they consistently make onto Wine Spectator's restaurant list.

Of course, that isn't enough of a draw for a flamboyant showman like yourself and they know that, so they did something I have never seen before. They have a separate wine list of wineries owned by golfers (and there are a lot of them: http://golf.about.com/od/golfers/tp/golfers-wines.htm).

So, come up to Maryland, enjoy your golf and drink your wine!

Rachele said...

That's where you've been hiding? Why not enjoy your golf and a fabulous wine with dinner after. Isn't golf an early morning thing? Especially on weekends? Or are you sneaking in a quick 9 after work?

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