The Link Between Karma and Wine

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Something unexpected happened the other day. It all goes back to my patio. Sheila had been bugging me for weeks to replace the patio furniture. Not only was it as haggard looking as Courtney Love, but someone who will remain nameless (Sheila), decided to stand on one of the pieces while attempting to hang lights and unexpectedly fell through the tattered slats. I had no way out of this one!

Ok, so fast forward to last weekend. We pick out a set, pay for it, and try to shove it in the car. Of course it nearly fits... and by nearly, I mean not at all. So now we're standing in the parking lot surrounded by patio furniture. What happened next was almost as embarrassing as it was helpful. A man and his son coming out of the store saw us, and after laughing for a minute at the scene we created, offered to give our new furniture a lift back to our place using their truck.

After about 15 minutes of awkward conversation and worrying that I would be killed while riding with the strangers in their pickup truck, we made it home. I quickly unloaded the furniture, thanked them both, and offered to give them some cash for their trouble. They REFUSED to take it. The father explained to me that he believed in "paying it forward". Instead of taking the cash, he wanted me to do something nice for someone else to return the favor. I have to admit that this is the first time I've been a receiver of this phenomenon. It felt good. More importantly, it renewed my faith in people and made me want to do something nice for someone else.

What a great concept!

Then I started thinking about wine. This may be a stretch, but aren't winemakers also in their own way "paying it forward"? They invest so much in their vineyards, wineries, and wine with little promise of ever receiving anything in return. Sure, if their wine turns out great, they could make some money. Usually, it's a labor of love and one that takes many many years to bear fruit.

In a world where it is easy to become cynical, it's refreshing to enjoy the people and things that invest in the good that is out there. Maybe we aren't in trouble after all! :)


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drinknectar said...

That is a great story Randy. There are still nice people in the world. I know you've been really busy lately, just know that we miss you and are waiting for you to come back to twitter!

Cheers, friend!

Shelly said...

I love that movie "Pay It Forward". It really is a good concept. We should all be a little more conscious of others around us needing help. Maybe you should have rewarded them with a glass of wine?

Wendy said...

What a great post! I enjoyed your view on this.

Last spring, before we bought our truck, we were stuck trying to haul everything from cement to whatever else we could fit from the hardware store to our home in our compact car. It was a pain, but we made it work...until the day we got the BBQ (husband's idea "oh yes, it will fit!") It did't. But before we could tear a hole in the seats desperately trying to Tetris it in between the back seat and the trunk, a kind stranger, similar to your experience, offered to help bring it to our house. And, much like your experience, we had those cynical thoughts as we watched him follow our car, "I hope he's not just going to steal it."

Of course, he didn't, and when he unloaded we offered money or food or anything in exchange and he said he was just glad to help. Wow.

I loved your analogy about the wine, too, and the winemaker and the grape growers. Even down to the families of small vineyards and their workers. How often do we appreciate all the people who have given so much of themselves to give us this great wine? Thank you for your post!

Kate said...

Nice story! Niceness, Karma, and wine all go hand in hand.

Your story made me think of our local wine shop (Domaine 547). They went above and beyond to help my lovely husband with regards to an anniversary present (for moi). A last minute order, hard to find product, and an overnight shipping gone awry - they were fantastic. Makes me wonder (and honestly realize), when it comes to wine or anything people are passionate about, people go the extra mile to make sure people are happy.

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