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Yesterday was one of those days that you just know is going to end badly. It was like going to a Chinese buffet. You start with good intentions but an and four soiled plates later, you just want to puke. That's exactly how yesterday went for me... including the part about wanting to blow chunks!

Okay, so here was the itinerary: start the day hanging with Michael J Fox, Jorge Lopez, and Ronde Barber while drinking beer at the Outback Pro Am golf tournament. Ten beers, two shots, and five hours later I move on to a wine tasting party. I was sloppy to say the least following the afternoon's festivities, but things only got worse!

I started off with good intentions. I really wanted to leave the wine party with the winning prize of an entire free case of wine. All I had to do is bring the wine that scores highest amongst the group. At the end of the night, I almost felt bad taking the free case of wine home with me. Not because I was too drunk to even carry it to the car (thankfully, my patient and loving wife drove), but because I could barely finish tasting through all of the wines that were brought. You know that feeling you get when you know that one more sip will cause you to loose it all... well I was there! Slurred words, wobbling, and even passing out on the couch... my wife must have been so proud.

Aside from apologizing to the hosts of the wine party who not only were cool enough to plan out this event, but were also understanding about my drunken zombiness, I want to share with you the wine that won it all. These kinds of wine parties really challenge your ability to choose a wine that other people of varying experience and tastes would enjoy. Oddly enough, the more expensive wines DO NOT always perform well in this type of competition. People tend to like a semi-sweet wine with just enough character to make it enjoyable without being overwhelming. I knew I had found the winner when I tried this particular wine last weekend while out at dinner. I ordered a glass of it with dessert and knew this was THE ONE!

The wine: Chateau St. Michelle Riesling

Thanks to this wine I now have a free case of wine, a mild headache, and a lot of apology phone calls to make!

... I better get dialing!


Here's a full list of what was entered and how they did:
White Wine Type Region Year Price Store Total Rating
Lakeridge Table Wine Florida 8.99 ABC 42
Domaine de la Chauriniere Muscadet France 2008 7.64 ABC 41
Trinchero Chardonnay California 2008 35
ONA Riesl/Viog/Chard Chile 2008 14.99 Total Wine 48
Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling Washington 2005 Total Wine 76
Paradise Peak Gewurztraminer Washington 2008 9.99 Winery Direct 57
Finca Copete Torrontes Argentina 2009 11.99 ABC 35
Marcus James Chardonnay Argentina 2008 63
Schmitt Sohne Riesling Germany 2008 9.99 Total Wine 57
Barefoot Riesling California 2010 8.99 Total Wine 38
Fat Bastard Chardonnay California 2008 41
Rene Barbier Med White Spain 2008 40
Domaine De Regusse Viognier France 2008 9.99 45
Yellow Tail Riesling Australia 2008 60

Red Wine Type Region Year Price Store Total Rating
Casillero del Diablo Merlot Chile 2008 7.99 ABC 45
Strade Vecchie Toscana Italy 12.99 ABC 50
SKN Cab California 2005 39
Terra-Barossa Cuvee Australia 2007 14.99 Total Wine 55
Penfolds Shiraz-Cab Australia 2007 54
Celler De Capcnes Montsant Spain 2005 52
Finca Copete Malbec Argentina 2008 11.99 ABC 42
Marcus James Merlot Argentina 2009 54
Yalumba Shiraz-Viognier Australia 2006 12.99 Sam's 54
Penfolds Shiraz Australia 2008 10.99 Total Wine 45
Little Penguin Merlot Australia 2008 49
Black Swan Shiraz Sustralia 2006 56
Robert Mondavi Meritage California 2007 58
Columbia Crest Cab Washington 2007 48

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Cass said...

Hee hee! I enjoyed this one. I love that I agree with a few of the specific wines listed there. I'm the master (mistress?) of under-$15 wines... and a wine tasting party like that sounds like so much fun.

Joe said...

what was a perfect score in this competition? I'm trying to get a frame of reference on if something was deemed "terrible" or just not as good as the winner...

...or do you not remember? :)

drinknectar said...

Whoooo hoooo - A Washington State wine kicks all butt!

I hope you're feeling alright. I've been there...I usually end up w/o any pants!


Jainomo said...

Don't worry, it happens to all of us at one point or another ;).


Anonymous said...

Ch�teau Sainte-Michelle is an incredible wine indeed!

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