You ever get THAT feeling?

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Something strange happens to you when you start a blog...

It doesn't matter what kind it is. It can be about your stupid cat for all I care... but once you start, your life changes. You find yourself sitting at your computer for longer periods of time. Your Facebook friends grow from family and that annoying guy from high school to thousands of people you never met. Emails surge through your inbox like a Tsunami ... most come bearing kind words of support, others drop a heckling line. It's all really exciting. It's the closest anyone can get to fame without leaving their own home. Blogging is addicting.

When life becomes challenging, it's hard to live this dual life... blogger by night, normal person trying to earn a living by day. The hardest part of it all is keeping up with the pace of the "fast lane". This has become my fate over the past week. Everyday life has made my blogging night job take a temporary back seat. I've had to let some commitments go by the wayside. I've neglected to share my neurotically routine daily posts. There's no excuse. I'm sorry. But sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy and when life gets difficult, spending hours on the computer when you need to catch some sleep doesn't always fit in.

Is everything okay? Absolutely! I can't complain... I have my health, a beautiful wife that I love, and many great things to look forward to. I am turning a page on a chapter in my life... but if you think for one second that The Wine Whore is going to be just a page in history quickly banished to the bottom of a Google search, you are mistaken. This show ain't over yet! The new season has just begun...

Stay tuned!

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Ben Simons said...

We've missed you, but boy do I ever understand. Last week was insane for me. I had a crazy busy week at work, and lots of "real world" stuff going on. You definitely have to make choices about what's going to take priority in those situations.

Glad to hear everything is going well and that you are doing okay. Cheers!

Dean said...

Great post Randy! Glad to have you back after your break. I know exactly what you mean - had a lull in blog postings last week due to my workload...yes, the day job that pays for my lifestyle.

No need to apologise mate! Looking forward to the new season!

DanG said...

So very true. Just some days where the day drags to night and not enough hours to get everything done.

Dan "The Iowa Wino"

Sip with Me! said...

Good to see your voice and glad the fame isn't going to your head! I'm definitely addicted to blogging and never imagined the way it can consume your life. Look forward to your continued posts (even though you still haven't announced the winner to Feb's Wine Whore Wednesday challenge)!

bunkycooks said...

You are so right on! This blogging stuff takes on a life of its own!

Montaluce said...

Dude, I have been overwhelmed with my day job too. Spring seems to do that.

Joeshico said...

Sent this back on my subscription e-mail, don't know if you received it.
Hey Randy,
Glad to hear everything going well. Missed the "whore", but know exactly where you are coming from. Have learned that if your blogging as a hobby, stay with one or two post per week. If you're doing it as a business, it's full-time.
Even as a hobby, I find my self neglecting what should be my priorities. But I keep on trudging on. Choose what your commitment is and stick to it.

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