Old Vine or Old Fart?!?

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What better time to write another post than while eating the leftover chicken parm from the other day. After all, I still owe you an explanation on how the Old Vine Zin went with this home cooked meal. Unfortunately my glass is empty tonight... I'm tired and I feel like I am fighting off an on coming cold. My plate however is far from solitude. This chicken parm is the gift that keeps on giving. Even my wife admits that it is better the second day... and maybe even the third.

As for the Zin, I have to say that it went well but was by no means a perfect match. I like Old Vine Zin, but I think right now I am feelin' the softer, earthier, reds more. I bet if you would have asked me this same question a year ago, I would have preferred this type of Zin hands down. Today, I'd rather go with a subtle Syrah, or maybe even a smooth Alsatian white. I no longer crave Chuck Norris punching me in the taste buds with every sip. I much rather the subtleties of a wine that whispers rather than screams.

... is that why old people always complain about younger people BLASTING their radios? Have I turned into an "old fart" when it comes to wine?

Maybe so, but that doesn't mean that I still don't like to party! :)


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Andie said...

...ah! You are not an old fart, you're like fine wine that gets better with age :)

vinosseur said...


Just gotta say "nice"! Give me a well-balanced wine at 11% with the right amount of acidity to refresh, and I'll down that bottle faster than you can say Chicken Parmigiana!


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