I think I owe you an explanation...

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Ever have a conversation that makes you stop and think? I don't just mean for a second or two, I mean REALLY think?

Today I went out to lunch with Todd Sweeney. You may know Todd from my brother whoring endeavor aptly titled Le Food Whore. After going out to lunch with Todd, I came back with much more than a full stomach. I realize that I owe you all an explanation. Todd made me think about something. He made me realize that I should tell you all about the direction I plan on taking with this site going forward.

I know it may seem like things have been a little different around here lately and well, that's because it's true. While I have been consumed with getting back up to speed following my vacation, I've also decided to take a different track with this site. Instead of the "in your face" approach I took when I began my wine whoring, I've decided instead to devote more of my time to writing genuine stories about myself, my life, and most importantly, the wine that makes its way into my life.

You see, I've realized that the best way to keep people coming by the site to read about my affairs, is to make them more intimate and personal. That doesn't mean that I am going to ramble on for hours about my cat... it just means that I am going to share the story of how each bottle interacts with my life. After all, wine's really beauty is in how it affects those who enjoy it. That includes both the good, the bad, AND the ugly! :) My intention going forward is to structure this site and the posts I make into more of a journal format. That way I can look back on it in five, ten, or even twenty years and laugh about how my tastes have changed and about how little I REALLY knew!

Why the change?

Since starting this site over a year ago, I've learned a lot. Not only have I learned about myself but I've also learned how to work with folks in the wine biz. Let me tell you, I have met a lot of great folks, and I've met others that have made me quite disillusioned with the industry. Everyone's got a mouth to feed and bills to pay... I get THAT. But it really makes me sad to see some of the ways that people go about fulfilling these basic needs. At the end of the day, these people give the wine industry and all of those awesome people who are a part of it a bad name. Since I've started this site, I've made a lot of mistakes but I feel that now I've learned how to keep myself out of these types of situations. I've learned to be comfortable enough with myself to stand up for what is right, and spot a situation that only benefits the WRONG individuals.

I know this sounds vague, but in the end, I'd just like to say to you, if you are reading these words right now, thank you! You keep me going every day. You're love for wine and what I stand for makes me proud and renews my faith in people. You are the reason why someone like me who started off knowing so little about wine and life, could learn so much by sharing my experiences online.

... It is for YOU that I will continue drinking, writing, and loving life!


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Sip with Me! said...

I look forward to the new format and learning more about you!! I think you might find it takes a lot more work! Just sayin!

Ben Simons said...

Really interested to see what the future holds for the blog.

It's always interesting to look back on things and see where we have come from. Time changes things so much, and we learn from our experiences, both good and bad. I think that it's great that your blog is continuing to grow and mature as a result of your experiences. I hope that I keep moving forward with mine over time as well. Cheers!

Shannon Casey said...

I can't wait to see what the new format will be like. As long as you keep drinking wine and writing about it, I will keep reading.

drinknectar said...

Can you be snarky every once in a while, just for old time sake? P.S. You need to do more video - you're very creative at it. Looking forward to our next threesome and wish you luck on the new direction.

Josh @nectarwine on Twitter

Martin said...

And I wanted to hear MORE about your cat! Keep up the good work!


wineaccguy said...

Whatever adds quality to your blog, I'm totally for it. It might inspire a change or two in the way I handle my blog as well.

Tallahassee Wine Guy said...

Don't know about others but I think you should write an expose of your experiences with the bad side of the wine world--sure would be valuable to others who would like to enter the community.

Regardless, I'll continue to read your stuff!

Joe said...

Hey, sometimes a change of direction is good, at least temporarily. We throw a lot of content out there, and keeping it fresh is tricky. Best of luck!

Dezel said...

Well said, bro. I look forward to the next chapter!

Dezel aka @myvinespot

Rachel said...

You do have a way with vague and snark. I can't wait to see what's next!

MVineyards said...

I'm a "justice" guy too. I always to to right the wrongs. Sometimes comes off wrong. Whatevever it is worth I enjoy interacting. I have always believed that what makes this media better is you bringing your personal experience along with the wine to make it more real. Keep up the great work...and tell Todd hi!

Fabius said...

Here's wishing you the best of luck with your new direction. I only just started following you recently, and liked what I read.
I agree with Tallahassee Wine Guy above - it would be really interesting to hear about the dark side too :)

The Big Dog said...

You know, as long as you're making changes, maybe you could have a section devoted to beer -- kind of like the food whore. Maybe have a couple snarky dudes that could cover beer events and beers, but still try to keep it fun... Just a suggestion... ;-)

Joeshico said...

I remember last time you made a big change and it ended up great. This time should be no different.
Can't wait!!!

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