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... like many people growing up, I felt awkward. After years of reflection I've attributed my awkwardness to one characteristic. You see, up until I was 23, I had a snaggletooth overbite that made me feel as if it was stabbing people in the face when I smiled. It took me many years and a few thousand dollars worth of orthodontics to get over this flaw. Once I got to know people, I would feel safe and open up. Otherwise, it was hard to get me out of my shell.

I'm older now, more self aware, and most importantly, my teeth are straight, but one thing still hasn't changed. To this day, I still feel anxiety when put in social situations. Maybe that's why I love wine so much. A few glasses, and my stiffness seems to melt away.

Last night, I found myself in one of those situations. One of the dudes from Montaluce Winery just so happened to be in town and wanted to meet up. I was excited about the opportunity to finally meet someone I've only known by their twitter avatar but still apprehensive about being put in this sort of social situation. Lucky for me, Todd (aka Le Food Whore) suffers absolutely NO anxiety when put in social situations. Within seconds of meeting up, not only were we laughing and having a good time, but I was convinced that I was among great company.

At the end of the night, I was stoked to make my way home with some Montaluce wine to try later but the highlight of my night came from Queen. Well, not the band itself, but rather Todd's Karaoke version of the song "Somebody to Love." As he effortless sang the ball grabbing high notes of Freddie Mercury, I couldn't help but think about lyrics. I guess we all need to take some time to love our own flaws, abilities, and mistakes. After all, nobody's perfect! Todd however has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to Karaoke... and that's all I'm gonna say about that!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Brian the Brew Dog said...

i've spent many a drunk Christmas Eves singing karaoke at the Sweeny's. Testify my brotha!

Le Food Whore said...

Aww! I'm blushing, although I'd appreciate it if next time you'd keep your "ball-grabbing" to yourself. It was kind of awkward trying to sing with your hand down my pants.

tampawinewoman said...

This is a really nice and honest post. I get nervous every time I have to stand up and talk about wine in front of a group of people. Remind me to tell you sometime about the NAFEM trade show I did in Orlando, where I had to wear a microphone and talk to 50 people seated on an open trade show floor.

Your enthusiasm, passion for wine, and honesty, should carry you through.

Aside from that GO TODD!!! Having met Todd, I can't imagine him ever suffering from any kind of anxiety.

Jodi a/k/a tampawinewoman

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