The Wine:
Collier Falls Hillside Estate Dry Creek Sonoma Petite Sirah 2005

The Affair:
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I took this bottle out last weekend to enjoy with a nice cigar but ended up drinking beer, shots, and whatnot instead. Passed over and lonely, this bottle sat quietly next to my computer for several days. That is, until last night...

I love a good Petite Sirah. Perfect fuel for staying warm on a cold night or calming down after a long day, Petite Sirah just seems to sooth the soul. The better quality bottles of this grape tend to be packed with tons of that gritty, fruity, character that causes my cares to melt faster than a stick of butter in Paula Deen's kitchen. The thinner, less robust Petite Sirahs are okay, but nothing compares to a well made bottle of this beauty.

Last night's affair was one of the better Petite Sirahs that I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. It was full bodied, dry, and ready for action. Maybe I've just had a rough week, but I found myself quickly emptying my glass and looking for more.

If you like dry reds, this bottle will deliver. If you have more of a sweet tooth and dread smokey oak, this may be an affair you would want to pass on. In any case and for whatever reason, this hump day affair was a great way to improve an otherwise busy, and overwhelmingly rough week. For that, I am very thankful!


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in vino veritas said...

Finding Petite Sirahs has been a difficult feat in the northeast. Thanks to some great PS I Love You members from CA, I have been enjoying some lately which I have posted on my blog. Still more in the cellar to try. My favorite is probably from Girard (5/2009), but the Line 39 by Cecchetti Racke (12/31/09) was very good too. For a not so bold, yet very good, PS try the Vina Robles (10/22/09). Time to get the word out about this great varietal.

The Wine Whore said...

The funny thing was that when I took it over to my in-laws house, they actually had no idea what Petite Sirah was! I thought about it for a minute and then realized how little exposure this grape gets in the wine world. It's up to winos like you and me to help spread the word about its awesomeness so more people out there will drink, love, and enjoy this kick ass grape!

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