Last Night's Affair: Bivio Italia Chianti 2007

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The Wine:
Bivio Italia Chianti 2007

The Affair:
Yesterday was one of those days... you know the ones where you wake up, it's raining, cold, windy, and you think to yourself that you are probably better off just staying in bed?

Well, this time, I'm glad that I pulled on a uncomfortable combination several layers of mismatched clothing including shirts, sweaters, and a jacket, got into my car, and drove through the rain to the golf course. As if someone planned it this way, the rain stopped the second I turned off the ignition and the sun came out to kiss me hello as I stepped out of the car. Unfortunately, my golf game wasn't so lucky to have been blessed by this divine intervention. But hey, you can't win 'em all, right?

18 holes later, I packing up my clubs and heading home. Looking in the rear-view mirror, I realized that I'm one of the few people who can get a suntan while basking in overcast, forty degree weather. It's amazing how much a round of 18 holes can take it out of you. Well, maybe the golf wasn't entirely to blame. Smuggling in a case of beer to the golf course and getting rid of the evidence in less than four hours sure didn't help.

After stepping in the front door, taking a quick shower, and organizing my collection, I was faced with that tough decision yet again. Which bottle should I open for tonight's affair. While there was nothing exciting about the leftover chili that I was about to heat up in the microwave for the fourth time this week, I wanted to open something different. There was one bottle that caught my eye, this was my chance to try it out.

This particular bottle of Chianti from Bivio showed up just before I left for my cruise. Selling at around $10-$13 for a bottle, the Italian/English packaging seemed to reflect more of an Italian wine for American dummies than a solid Italian wine. The labeling and bottle appeared imported but also seemed to have been defiled by that American marketing feel. Hopefully not all of the features I love about Italian wine had been destroyed in the process.

While the body of the wine was as thin as many of it's "value" CA counterparts, its finish was a bit different. Unlike the obnoxious metallic, led pencil taste I get from many wines from the US, this wine ended with a musty, schweaty finish. It was almost like wringing out the sweat of a wife-beater tank top from one of those black and white striped Venetian gondola drivers into a cup and drinking it. Although I'm not particularly fond of either aftertaste, I'll take the schweaty one over eating led any day... but hey, that's just me!

This bottle by far was NOT my favorite bottle of Italian wine. There are just so many better examples of what this country can do however they usually cost more than $10/bottle. If you haven't been spoiled by these "other" bottles yet, and you are looking for a nice table wine, or everyday sipper, this one will work just fine. Otherwise, I'd save up my pennies for something better.

What's your favorite Italian wine?

For this and other affairs, check out the summary of scores, map, or even choose my next bottle.

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tampawinewoman said...

The schweaty gondolier's wife beater analogy is enough to keep me away from this wine for a while. Its like my favorite wine description which I coined - it smells like a schweaty homeless guy eating a bag of frito corn chips over a rubber tire fire. Lovely! However, memorable.

Jodi a/k/a tampawinewoman

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! I was hoping you'd get a kick outta that one! The rubber tire fire can really add a smokey, oaky, taste to the wine... I love it! :)


drinknectar said...

Not sure I could go for that Chianti. I do love a good Italian wine though. Sounds like the golf was a blast. I keep telling myself I need to take that hobby up, but wine keeps getting in the way!


in vino veritas said...

There are so many nice Chianti's out there. Unfortuately, may of them never make it to the States. One of our favorite Italian wines is the 2001 Dievole Plenum Quartus. It is a 50% Sangiovese and 50% Touringa Franca mix that is medium to full bodied with an intense plum aroma and a berry taste with some light spices and soft tannins. Highly recommend this wine.

The Wine Whore said...

Josh, if you don't have time for another hobby, definitely DON'T take up golf! :) It will consume you!

Thanks for the rec vino veritas! It's really a shame that these wines don't make their way to the states... maybe one day, wines of the world will be free to be enjoyed by everyone!

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