Dom P�rignon's New Blog: Is there room for one more?

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Opened my inbox this morning to find this interesting press release:

    Richard Geoffroy, Chef de Cave at Dom P�rignon, uncorks personal blog


    As one of the leading wine bloggers, we thought you would be interested in knowing that Richard Geoffroy, chef de Cave at Dom P�rignon, is launching his personal blog, which is an unprecedented initiative for a prestigious Champagne house's creator.

    Making Dom P�rignon's purpose is double: Richard Geoffroy has long aspired to not only share his experiences as Chef de Cave and artist, but to also tell of his encounters and travels from the cellar in Epernay to the four corners of the world, at public events or behind closed doors. The blog will be a privileged channel to browse through Richard Geoffroy's memories or project into Dom P�rignon's future.

    It is also a place to foster new relationships and communicate directly with Dom P�rignon, Champagne and wine enthusiasts.

    Making Dom P�rignon will d�but as Richard Geoffroy launches the Dom P�rignon Ros� �noth�que programme in Japan, the opening act of Wine Mission 2010, which will send him on a true trip around the world, from Asia, to Europe, to the Americas� The year to come is full of promise for Dom P�ringon, and Richard Geoffroy's blog will be the place to follow the action, and share our passion!

    Yours sincerely,

    The Dom P�rignon team

    The blog | Richard Geoffroy's biography | The Dom P�rignon Manifesto | Richard Geoffroy on Facebook

What do you think? Is there room for another wine blog out there?

I may check this one out just to see what it's all about!


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Veronique Deblois said...

Wondering how much these high-end Champagne houses are dreading/hating having to join the rest of wineries, wine stores, bloggers in social media-ville.
With the decline in demand and sales of luxury French bubbles, they've got to do what's needed to stay in the public eye.
Shall be interesting how the staff at DP treats this new blog.

The Wine Whore said...

I bet it kills them to have to participate in social media. I was actually kinda surprised to see that Dom was playing along. Times MUST be tough!

Sounds like I owe this new blog a "proper" wine whore welcome! ;)

Joeshico said...

Always room for the the downtrodden.

Chris Broholm said...

I think it's pretty cool. To be honest all wine bloggers are colleagues, not competitors :-)

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