Teaching Parker Twitter

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Since my post the other day where I scored Parker's First Ten Tweets, I've noticed something:

He stopped tweeting!

Because I never meant to scare him off from tweeting, twating, or whatever the hell it's called... I want to extend an offer to the wine legend.

I want to PERSONALLY teach Parker learn how to use Twitter.

What do you say, Bob? Are you ready for the 30 minute Abs of twitter instruction?

Just because I know my way around the twitterverse in NO WAY means that I am an expert. I'm willing to admit that and ask for some help:

What would you tell Parker is important when entering the world of Social Media?

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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tampawinewoman said...

I believe 'twatting' contains two 't's'.

I can serve as character reference for you, if you think that will help.


chris @ Wine a Day said...

I too am not an expert, but here are my 3 ideas:

Rule #1 - Be yourself on twitter.
Rule #2 - If you are a boring stuffy "expert" ignore rule #1 and be entertaining.
Rule #3 - If 140 charaters is not enough space to say what your have to say, is it really worth saying?

Oh and by the way - Please come back Mr. Parker. The ratings of your tweets is far too entertaining!

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Thank you tampawinewoman! I really appreciate the support! :)

I love rule #2, Chris! If he doesn't come back, who should we score next?

Chris @ Wine a Day said...

"Chris! If he doesn't come back, who should we score next?"
I saw 1WineDude is thinking about putting a rating system in place...

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! The dude abides! :)

drinknectar said...

Best twitter advice is from folks like Chris, Randy, Seattle Wine Gal - ENGAGE! I love the conversations I have on twitter! Mr. Parker to be a successful twatter, engage. It's sad that he passed 750 followers in just 4 days, and I'm just not getting to 750 after 2 months. PUNK! LOL

Josh @nectarwine on twitter

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Not only do I love the fact that you just called Parker a Punk, but I totally agree with your advice! :)

As you know, 750 followers doesn't mean anything if they aren't listening! If he keeps up the trend of his first 10 tweets, the only people listening will be those who are making fun of them!

Chris @ Wine a Day said...

"LOL! The dude abides! :)"
I was joking about 1WineDude. The only other one I can think of is the equivalent to Parker in Australia - James Halliday - he is on Twitter too @winecompanion. The troubel is he will probably laugh of your posts.

The Wine Whore said...

You know, you're right... Parker really is the only person of his caliber that isn't really on board with the Social Media deal! Am I missing anyone?

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