Last Night's TWWTV: Sippin' on Syncline

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The Wine:
Syncline Columbia Valley Subduction Red 2008
Syncline Columbia Valley Cuvee Elena 2007

The Affair:
Should I be concerned that I am drinking too much when I start forgetting to do simple things?

Last night I did something really stupid. After enjoying some discussion about Syncline wine, different types of enclosures, and VA wine (thanks to all of the sweet VA folks representing), I realized that I forget to hit the record button before last night's TWWTV! Normally I would post the video so anyone who missed it could check it out, but due to my stupidity, I'll have to make due with written words instead. I promise I won't forget next week, although I'm sure I'll forget to do something else! :P

Oh, so you're probably wondering about the wine, eh?

This Rhone style red from Washington was actually pretty radical! Of the two bottles, I favored the fuller, more aggressive Grenache dominated blend of the Cuvee Elena. The Subduction Red was also tasty and cost about $17 less, but offered a much softer Syrah dominated blend. Both wines were made well, and well worth a sip.

After TWWTV was over, I made love to the Cuvee Elena until the last drop was gone! Unfortunately, I was drinking for two last night, and didn't have any help from the Mrs. finishing the wine or I would have gone for more of the Subduction Red. I'll save this bottle for tonight so I can see how well it stands up to a day of "aging".

Thank you to everyone who joined me last night on TWWTV. It's really cool to be able to talk with other people who love wine as much as I do from around the world. I hope one day we can all share a bottle together in person, but until then, it's just nice to know we have other ways of drinking together!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! What will you be pouring into your cup/glass/mug/funnel to celebrate?


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Shelly said...

Shows how much I know. I thought those were automatically recorded through ustream. I missed it to0 so it would have been nice to see.

I agree with drinking with others. I can always find someone online having a glass so I'm never drinking alone:)

Let's do that vineyard thing and all get together. I'm sure there's a vineyard just waiting for a bunch of bloggers to come tour.

The Wine Whore said...

I wish! That would have helped me very much!

That would be really awesome... all of the VA wine folks have been telling me that I need to visit!

Let's do it!

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