There are some names in the world of wine that are as universal as Kleenex and Ziplock...

Silver Oak is one of them.

In case you aren't familiar with Silver Oak's portfolio, this CA winery makes only one thing: Cabernet Sauvignon. Their two labels (Napa Valley and Alexander Valley) of Cabernet are not only well known, but also quite tasty!

Of course, that's not to say that their Cabs don't come with a hefty price tag. But if you're in the mood to taste a bottle of CA Cabernet that every wine lover should try at least once in their lifetime, this one is worth the $$$.

To honor their soon to be released 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet, I decided last night to open this bottle of 2004 Alexander Valley Cab. It was smokey, well balanced, and beautiful! I can't wait to taste their newest release in a few weeks!

Stay tuned!

Have you ever had any Silver Oak? Was it worth it?

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Anonymous said...

I had a bottle of the same 2004 Silver Oak (opened it in 2007)and it was nice. As far as value, I'd say it was a $45 cab for $60. Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine that I drink mostly for educational purposes rather than for enjoyment. Notably, I have spent more money on Cabs than any other wine.


The Wine Whore said...

I agree! Cabs, Pinots, and Bordeaux tend to be the highest price for the quality. That being said, they are a lot of fun and something that I think every wine lover should spend a few bucks to experience. There's also a lot of other wines that may have a lot higher of a QPR that should also be sought out... the point: keep drinking! :)

winedudeonline said...

Ok, first things first. Was this one of the free samples that you received or did you purchase this? I have had the pleasure of visiting the winery and tasting both of the cabs. I enjoyed both but think that they are priced a bit high for what they are. I personally like the bigger cabs from Howell Mountain more.

The Wine Whore said...

Although this blog is usually made up of reviews of samples (100% transparently), this is a bottle that I financed on my own. As a Cab lover, I try to pick up a bottle here and there to fill my collection. This was one of those!

Is it a great Cab, YES! Is it the fullest bodied, NO! Is it the best price for the value? NO! Is it one that everyone should try at least once? YES! :)

Kevin Glowacki said...

I'm of the opinion that Silver Oak is not worth their asking price. Will it disappoint? Probably not, but you could say that about a lot of Napa Cab.

Is it worth trying once? Sure, but in the same sense that Opus One, Caymus, Dominus and others are. It allows you to understand your personal taste versus the hype.

I'd love to do a blind tasting of some big Napa Cabs with some other, lesser known Napa labels thrown in and see who comes out on top when label and price tag aren't being factored in.

The Wine Whore said...


I agree, but what do you think about the price decreases lately with labels such as Silver Oak, Caymus, etc.... are they starting to get down to a fair price?

WineDudeOnline said...

Kevin & TWW, I agree as well. I believe that the price decreases are showing that they are having one heck of a time selling over priced wines in this economy. I also think that the fact you can now find Silver Oak and Caymus in places like Costco, shows that they are strating to become a little desperate to move product.


The Wine Whore said...

I totally agree!

Now that the prices are coming down, do you think that these wineries are going to start altering the quality of their wine so they can maintain profit levels per bottle?

Steve Paulo said...


The thing is, "smaller" and "lesser known" Napa Cabs aren't necessarily cheaper. My favorite is Regusci, which, while not being well-known, has a pair of stellar Stag's Leap Cabs... for $80 and $120 a bottle.

Beau Carufel said...

I've had precisely ONE Silver Oak that I really felt was worth the price, their stunning 1997 Alexander Valley Cab. I've been fortunate enough to taste almost all of the subsequent vintages and nothing's ever struck me as worth the 60$ and 80$ for their respective wines. The price decrease has helped but I've always felt it was a tasty 25-30$ Cab price at 60-80$
On the other hand, I've consistently been impressed with Caymus wines, going back to the mid-90's. Different strokes for different folks. Give me a D.R. Stephens Moose Valley Cab any day, but it's 120$ or so a bottle.

The Wine Whore said...

I'll have to try their 1997... is it possible to find a bottle still? Probably costs even MORE now if it's still drinking well.

Caymus always seems to be consistently drinking well and at least stands up to its price point strongly.

I like what you said about different strokes... I think that part of knowing what you like is trying wines like Silver Oak and Caymus that get a lot of chatter... only one way to find out if the hype is all that... try it for yourself!


Pam said...

Twas out there in Oct 09. Good wines but too pricey for my budget. It was a good experience to go to the high end wineries and sample. I agree there are better lower priced wines out there too.
I suspect the quality won't be there as the prices come down, altho that shouldn't make a difference!

The Wine Whore said...

That must have been cool! This will be one of the wineries that I visit on my next trip. I would also like to visit one of the Wagner family wineries too!

What would you say is the highest end winery you've ever visited?

Anonymous said...

I had Silver Oak twice and was never impressed.
I did not know if I was drinking wine or fruit juice. I could not taste any tannins, no acidity, way too smooth. The wine did not pair good with food. I really did not like it.
It was definetely not worth the price. I am afraid that Silver Oak Winery is a business first with the right (or wrong) marketing trying to influence people for their wines that are mediocre at best.

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