Last Night's Affair: Langetwins Pinor Noir

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The Wine:
Langetwins Pinot Noir 2008

The Affair:
Since this bottle arrived last week, I've been stoked to crack it open. Joe and the folks over at Langetwins like to tease me by only sending one bottle at a time... but you know what? Every bottle they've sent has been really good! I'll take quality over quantity any day!

These aren't mind blowing wines that make you contemplate life, love, and the grape. These wines are sorta like that comfy pair of blue jeans you always like to wear. They sorta have a signature taste that fits perfectly to my palate. All of the bottles from Langetwins that I have tried so far, have been smooth with just the right amount of alcohol, fruit, and tannins. Enough to be bold without crossing the line of being obnoxiously out of balance. For their reasonable prices, I would say that Langetwins makes some great wine!

When I found out that this was their first vintage of Pinot Noir, I have to admit that I was a little worried. Would I like this one as much as I did their Viognier or even their purple-teeth Petit/Petite? You know how I am about Pinots too! An awkward situation seemed immanent.

Last night, the wife left me in charge of making dinner. With her instructions, I attempted to make a whole-wheat penne pasta with spicy Italian sausage and marinara. I felt like a light red wine was in order to go with this meal so I anxiously snatched up the opportunity to put the Pinot from Langetwins to the test.

Now I don't know if it's just the fact that we are drinking more Pinot Noir in the casa de Watson or just dumb luck, but we have been satisfied with the last couple of bottles of this grape that. This bottle was no exception. Not only did it go well with the meal, but it actually reminded me of that characteristic Langetwins taste that I enjoy. My only complaint was that the affair didn't last long enough. Between my wife and I, this bottle didn't see past last night's American Idol. Truly the mark of an enjoyable bottle!

Is it just me, or do any other wineries actually have a "personality" when it comes to their wine and the different varietals they produce?

In any case, thank you Joe and the folks over at Langetwins for making my Tuesday ten times better!


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