Last Night's Affair: Bud Light Wheat

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Last night I went to visit my cousin, well actually my wife's cousin, before he gets shipped back out to Iraq. How did we celebrate our time together? No wine for me last night. Instead, I was sippin on Bud Light Wheat instead.

I know, I know, how could I cheat on the grape like this?

Well, given the situation, I felt like beer was a better way to go. So how did this dirty, adulterous affair treat me? Not bad! Sure, Bud Light is pisswater, and I'm not going to say that this new formula is any different. What I will say is that the added citrus and wheat did make the normally flavorless drink taste a little more exciting. If you are into Bud Light, Miller Light, Schlitz, or even Pabst, you should try this wheaty gateway beer. I think it will get you questioning your taste for the brew and maybe even trying something new!

On a side note, I'm going out to play some golf and drink some Miller Lite. Tonight, I'm thinking about cracking into some Stilton I picked up the other day to go with the bottle of Sauternes I have hidden in my wine fridge. Hopefully this seductive pairing will help make amends with the grape after all of my beer drinking! :)

What are you sippin' on this weekend?

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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drinknectar said...

Randy - I've tried that beer and was pleasantly surprised. So far the only Bud products I can stomach are the Lime and Wheat. Additives must work ;)

This weekend, we're probably sipping either some Barrister Wine that I picked up at a review or I might go to the store and get some selections for the #cheapwinechallenge


Joshua S. Sweeney said...

I keep saying that the best thing to ever happen to the Budweiser brand was being bought by Belgians, despite the fervent marches and protests conducted by American beer fans in flyover states.

The Budweiser American Ale was the first sign that they were taking macro-brewing seriously.

As for Golden Wheat: Take Bud Light: lifeless, bitter, harsh. Improve the grains, add coriander and orange zest, and you have a fantastic-drinking blue-collar beer. Nothing close to a wit beer, but definitely on the upper side of mediocrity.

Rachel said...

Best wishes and thanks to Sheila's cousin for serving our country. You have 10,000+ twitter followers. Maybe you could drum up some business for the USO at http://www.uso.org/. If everyone sent $1...

in vino veritas said...

Our young men and women serving in any branch of the Armed Forces deserves to be treated with something better than a Bud Light beer. I wish them all a quick and safe return. Cheers!

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! in vino, you are absolutely right! But as Josh and Josh have mentioned, this Bud is a little better than the rest. Sure, it's not a well crafted German beer, but it sure beats the other piss water labels out there!

Rachel, that's a great idea! Lemme see what I can do!

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