Last night started with a mission and turned into one heck of an affair. After hiding from the cold all day, I braved the outdoors last night to get some sushi. I don't know if it was the mercury in the fish or the pair of Kirins with dinner, but I was ready to drink some good wine.

Next stop, local wine bar!

I can't remember who suggested it, but I KNOW I've seen this label before. This bottle of Banfi Brunnello di Montalcino 2002 was nicely fragrant with a crisp, dry finish. A great way to warm up on an otherwise cold night! If YOU are the one who planted this grape seed in my head, I'd like to say thank you!

From there, the seal was broken!

When I got home, I must have been feeling frisky... I marched right to my "cellar" and picked out a bottle that I brought back from Bordeaux a few months ago. This bottle of Grand Puy Lacoste 2004 brought me right back to the vineyards of France. I finished the last sip while looking through pictures from my trip and then fell asleep dreaming about going back one day soon.

Needless to say, worn out from my night's affairs, I slept VERY well!

Did you have an affair with wine this weekend that brought you back to good memories?


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Chris Broholm said...

Hehe, excellent story Randy - Sometimes you just gotta get a good sip of wine :-)

Do you fancy French reds more than Italian?

Richard Auffrey said...

Friday night, I had a couple wines. First was the Paumanok Petite Verdot, from Long Island, NY. It brought back pleasant memories of last year's TasteCamp, the East Coast blogger conference.

I also had El Nido Clio, a Spanish wine which also brings to mind my trip to Spain.

So I was all over the world that night.

DanG said...

For the love of a good Bordeaux. So smooth. A great place to visit France.

The Wine Whore said...

I think I like French reds more than Italian but that's only because I am more familiar with them. I want to take a trip within the next year to Italy (Piedmont, and a few other regions) so I can see first hand what's up over there! For more this is the coolest wine to learn about wine... although I do have to admit that I like drinking it all lot too!

We're you tired after all of that drinking, uh, I mean, traveling?! :) How would you say that Petite Verdot compares to ones from CA? Do you like the ones from Long Island better?

Bordeaux is cool but after seeing and hearing the stories about Loire, that's going to be my next stop in France! It's crazy... they've got castles and all kinds of cool stuff to check out. The wine isn't supposed to be half bad either!


Joeshico said...

Been years since I had the Banfi Brunnello di Montalcino, but Banfi Chianti Classico Reserve and the Cum Laude Sant' Antimo D.O.C. are among my faves. Recently did review on the Chianti.
If you get a chance or find the Cum Laude, go for it.

The Wine Whore said...

I was thinking it was your site Joe! But that makes sense, it was the Chianti Classico Reserve that you recommended... I always have trouble remembering which wine to pick. Either I recognize the label or the name... but I can never figure out exactly WHERE I heard of it.

Maybe I just need to take better notes! :)

I liked the Banfi and would totally try their Chianti.

Any wine for you this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Good news about the Lacoste, I have a couple bottles of the 04 vintage and hadn't tried it yet. Opened a 2006 Chappellet Signiture cab, good cab, classic Cali through and through. Round fruit, good mouth feel, well balanced and integrated tannins. Wasnt worth the price tag though. I'm a sucker for a wine that feels silky smooth on the palate and this fell just short of that. Maybe more time in the cellar will give it the help it needed to live up to its $$

The Wine Whore said...

The Lacoste was very nice and wasn't too expensive considering the region it's from!

2006 on that Chappellet sounds a bit young. I haven't had any of theirs, but I bet it could use some aging! I like 'em smooth too!

What's your favorite "smooth" cab?

Anonymous said...

Correction, it was 2007. It was drinking pretty good now but definately will improve with some years behind it. I would have to say The Caymus special select is the most relyable year after year in that department. Not a big single varietal guy or Cali for that matter. Don't get me wrong I enjoy themm, but my heart belongs to the old world wines.

What would you recommend that fits that bill and doesnt cost a mortgage payment like the Caymus?


The Wine Whore said...

I've only had Caymus twice... once was the regular label, and the second time was the Special Select. Now that the price on the Special Select came down (~$99), I even bought a bottle for my home collection.

I can't wait to crack into it.

I think Cabs are tricky because they are popular, and tend to have a low price/quality ratio because of their fame. French wine is tricky because it has a lot of the same issues. When it's good, it's good... but usually costs a lot too!

Believe it or not, I have a couple of favorites from Clos du Bois (Marlestone and Briarcrest) that I get relatively inexpensive as a member of their wine club (~$30-$35). I also like many Cru Bourgeois wines especially those from St. Emilion (I like that old world Merlot-Bordeaux blend a lot).

Am I missing any good ones?

Anonymous said...

I will check it out thanks! I agree bordeaux does have some good values, especially from the right bank, although I do prefer a cab heavy bordeaux. I've had some pretty bad cru bourgeois wines from both sides of the gironde. I think another key to finding good less expensive bordeaux is buying from the better vintages. Alot of the "value" wines from 2003 are drinking really well now for being so young.

The Wine Whore said...

You make a great point! There ARE some really bad cru bourgeois wines out there.... there are some good ones too, but like many other regions, you have to keep an eye out and try to find the ones that YOU enjoy for the price. I think you're also right about vintages when it comes to Bordeaux or really wine from anywhere for that matter. Although it doesn't always hold true, there CAN be a noticeable variation betweeen vintages.

... I have to admit, although it can be frustrating at times, all of this is what makes wine fun, intriguing, and complicated!

I love it!

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