It's ALIVE!!

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I'm so excited!

After a couple of LONG weeks, my wife is finally getting her stitches removed. I'm taking her to the Dr. this afternoon and then if all goes well, I'll open a nice bottle tonight to celebrate.

You don't understand... with her stitches out, she'll be able to walk around freely again and that means I won't be her personal butler anymore. Okay, of course I'll still be a gentleman and good husband, but at least she won't have an excuse for me to have to tend to her EVERY need... or at least the ones that aren't fun to tend to ;)

Help me decide, which bottle should I open to celebrate?

See you tonight for the results!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Richard Auffrey said...

Best of luck to your wife! Hope everything goes well for her.

Can your wife drink wine too tonight? If so, break out one of your best wines, or a great sparkling wine.

The Wine Whore said...

Thank you!

She got out her stitches and now we're home. She's a little disappointed because she still has to wear one of those clunky boots on her foot which stops her from being able to drive. I think she was looking forward to getting out of the house on her own...

Maybe a good bottle of wine would cheer her up! Stay tuned! :)

Shelly said...

Yep. I actually got it to load through IE after several attempts. Not sure if it't the new portal or just my system.

I agree. Pick one of her favs, sit back and relax. Who's cooking?

Bummer about the driving...for both of you!

The Wine Whore said...

Hello Shelly! Facebook sometimes has a problem with a shortened URL since they already redirect everything! Sorry about all of the hassle but glad to see you here! :P

I think that's what I'll do! She's cooking but she actually wanted to. After being stuck in bed from being sick and partially mobile, I think she likes being able to do stuff, even if it is only around the house! :)

I'll make sure to report back on how it goes later tonight!

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