HAWO: Bubbles and Spice

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A friend of mine needs your help! She is trying to write a story on pairing champagne & spicy foods and needs some solid suggestions.

What kind of bubbly would YOU pair with spicy food?

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Corkdork said...

Sweet wines pair well with spicy foods -- I'd recommend an extra-dry with hot-spicy stuff (think: vegetarian pad thai with extra chili). Now, if it's savory, hot, and spicy as well (think: spicy chili), you'll want something with a bit of weight -- a slightly sweet sparkling Shiraz, or a Rose.

As for types of wine... pretty much, it's all good once you're in the method traditional wines. Charmat method ones can be good, like Prosecco, but there's some miserable stuff that comes out of that method as well (due to the lack of fine dosage control -- in Charmat, you get one shot at adding sugar, as opposed to two with traditional). Skip the cheap stuff, basically -- no Andre, no Cook's.

Chris Broholm said...

Alsacian Cremant is the nuts. It's dry and pairs well with food in general, but on the other hand it is spicy and full of flavour. If you need bubbl� for spicy foods, this is probably it.

Btw Randy, when was the deadline for the story of the month? I've been rather busy!

The Wine Whore said...

First of all, Alsacian ANYTHING is thumbs up in my book! Thank you for the suggestion!

You've got until Feb 3rd to submit! Thank you for reminding me... I'm going to post a reminder for everyone right now! :)

MVineyards said...

Acidity balances the alkalinity of most spicy foods. Check this chart out to see if acid or alkaline.


Maureen said...

Depending on the amount of spice... I'd also throw in the mix either a Prosecco or a Moscato d'Asti... I had a White Lambrusco for the first time this week... and had it with a mildly spicy stir-fry... and while it was dry, It worked very well

The Wine Whore said...

That's a great resource MVineyards! Thank you for posting it!

That's also interesting Maureen, I wouldn't think off the bat that a dry wine would work... how was it?

Rachel said...

I was thinking a Vinho Verde but that may not be bubbly enough for what you're looking for.

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