Blogger Spotlight: Lenn Thompson and Dale Cruse

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Although I've paid a lot of attention to folks such as Robert Parker and Gary V., I realize that there are a lot of wine bloggers out there that deserve their fair share of recognition here on The Wine Whore.

Today, I'd like to spotlight two such individuals who contribute every day to the world of wine by sharing their thoughts, time, and ideas with everyone. Cheers!

Lenn Thompson

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the New York Dork Report... oops, I meant CORK Report... is always a surefire source of great reading material for those who suffer from insomnia.
Check out this jewel Lenn posted just yesterday:

"The nose is a bit less funky than the 2001, showing ripe black cherry, blackberry and plum fruit with a gently earthy note beneath, with a little lead pencil."

Hey, that sounds like every other wine review tasting note I've ever read... well, that is, except for the lead pencil... nice twist, man!

For more pompous, pretentious, verbal diarrhea, you can also follow Lenn on twitter.

Dale Cruse

Dale's blog, DrinksAreOnMe, was also recently featured on Tom Wark's Fermentation. In this article, Dale calls himself the Hugh Hefner of wine and explains that:

"It's a fact of life that people like boobs more than they like wine."

Boy, I don't know what we would do without boobs? Dale's awkwardly placed images of women offer a great distraction to the wine content featured on his site that noone would otherwise care for.

Now, if you like bald pictures of dudes instead, be sure to follow Dale on twitter.

Congratulations to Lenn and Dale for their blog spotlight! Keep up the great work!


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Joeshico said...

Nice spotlight Randy. I follow both and enjoy all their post. Lenn is big on New York wines and has contributing writers that are excellent reads.
The lead pencil descriptor is a good one. I think, in on of my earlier reviews, I used the grade school pencil box. Maybe, Lenn is reading my blog. That's cool! :)

Ben Simons said...

What's that noise? Do I hear the sound of reloading? :) I hope I never end up in one of these spotlights.

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Thank you Joe! I wouldn't be surprise... that's actually one of my favorite wine descriptors....much better than the typical cheery, black currant stuff! :)

I wouldn't normally post something like this about anyone for that matter... but sometimes, it's warranted!

Anonymous said...

How would you describe this Hateraide with wine discriptors? Just saying...


Dale Cruse said...

That was the weakest attack on me I've ever seen. Seriously man, is that all you got?

Also note that I did not call myself the Hugh Hefner of wine. What I said was: "Some friends on Twitter have taken to calling me the Hugh Hefner of wine." If you're going to accuse me of something, accuse me of the accurate thing.

Wine Country Insomniac said...

Wine Whore, this post was totally uncalled-for. And yet I don't disagree with your assessments of these two puerile narcissists.

The Wine Whore said...

All I'm gonna say about this post is that these two guys need to lighten up unless they want everyone to think that they are a bunch of pompous a-holes.

If you don't know these guys, then hopefully you got a laugh out of this post. Please understand that I would never post something like this unless it was provoked MULTIPLE times.

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