A Tribute to the Beer Bong

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Before Vinturi and Riedel, the first drinking accessory I ever used was the beer funnel. I know, just thinking about the funnel reminds me of a scene from Animal House. Frat antics aside, the funnel was a fun tool for consuming otherwise crappy beer. I have many fond memories competing for the title of fastest beer drinker from the funnel... boy were we dumbasses! :)

When it comes to wine, we sip instead of chug.... we sniff, instead of swill... and we age instead of consuming as fast as possible. What if the same beer drinking antics of the funnel were applied to wine? Wouldn't it require a more sophisticated palate to discern the region or even the type of grape when your wine is flying down your throat and speeds best measured in G-force?

Imagine how your next dinner party would be if you broke out a funnel for your guests to consume their wine... I'm almost tempted to try it!

Is it possible to drink wine from a beer bong? As wine drinkers, are we too pretentious to even give it a shot?

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Beau Carufel said...

I'm thinking that sipping a light, low alcohol wine from there might be pretty easy actually..Something like a vinho verde or a beaujolais noveau. Definitely wouldn't want to go for a zin or syrah out of there though.

winemonologues said...

Love it! And yes, you can drink wine from a beer bong. Been there, done that!

The Wine Whore said...

I'd like to see if anyone would try it with a bottle of Caymus Special Selection! Now THAT would be a sight to see!

Wait, you tried it? How did it go? Which type of wine did you funnel? Now I wanna know more!

Richard Auffrey said...

Sounds like a job for Yellow Tail.

A more impressive feat would be guzzling wine out of the spit bucket.

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Miles gets the award for that one! :)

Kate said...

This could be interesting...
Wouldn't the wine get a little aerated through the funnel and tubing by the time you taste it? I think you can market this to the college grad as an alternative decanter...

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! That's a great point! This could be the next replacement for the vinturi or all of those crazy looking decanters! :P

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