The Wine:
D'Argenzio Mendocino Tocai Friulano 2005

The Good:
A great "summer wine"...

It's light, refreshing, and reminds me of a cross between a Pinot Grigio and a Chardonnay. If you've grown sick from the obnoxiously "in your face" CA Chards, Tocai Friulano offers a nice change of pace. Definitely a grape everyone should experience once and D'Argenzio did a nice job putting this particular one together!

The Bad:
It's not summer!

I may live in Florida, but right now it's still cold for us down here. Tomorrow night, I'm switching over to a nice red to warm up!

Help me choose my next bottle or for other affairs, check out the summary of scores, and map of the Wine Whore.

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Beth said...

I must be choosing the right Napa Chards, because the ones from Anderson's Conn Valley, Bell Wine Cellars, and ZD Wines are yummy, not in my face. LOL Your choice sounds like an interesting wine to try!

The Wine Whore said...

I would have to agree! You ARE choosing the RIGHT Chards! :)

Let me know if you ever try this one... I'd be interested to hear how it compares with your usual awesome choices!

Anyone else out there try this one? Thoughts?

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