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The star of my cellar right now is this 1999 Chateau Troplong Mondot from Saint-�milion. Why? It's the oldest bottle I brought back from Bordeaux and sadly enough, the oldest bottle in my cellar.

Which bottle is the star of your cellar?

P.S. It doesn't have to be the most EXPENSIVE bottle to be a star.

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Corkdork said...

My superstar would be an '03 Arthemis, by Richard Dubois. It's not the most expensive wine in my cellar, but it's the one with the most meaning to me -- I bought it when the winemaker was in town, and got to chat with him a bit about it. Sadly, I won't be able to chat with him after drinking it, as he was killed in an accident several months later (his barrel-racking failed, and a full barrel of wine crushed him, putting him into a months-long coma that he didn't survive). Richard was one of the most passionate Merlot proponents you'd have ever met, and almost completely the image of the anti-consumerist rebel winemaker (he kept a letter from and picture of Robert Parker on his dartboard. No, really -- he said "I like the wine. You like the wine. Why does it matter what that little self-important sh*t thinks of the wine?").

No, it's not being opened any time soon :)

drinknectar said...

Right now we are not collectors. At all the places we visit we purchase a bottle or two (or more). Those bottles are reserved for special occasions - like when I sell or list a house, get 1000 twitter followers, get a promotion, holidays - We are looking forward to enjoying a bottle of 2006 Mark Ryan Long Haul from Woodinville on Christmas day


Richard Auffrey said...

Mmmm..a tough question as it is hard to pick a single wine. But I will go with the 2004 Bodegas Fernando Remirez de Ganuza Trasnocho. It is from one of my favorite Spanish producers and I picked up this bottle on my trip to Spain. It is not available in the U.S., so when it is gone, I won't be able to easily replace it. It is a phenomenal wine and I shared a bottle a few months ago with friends who also really enjoyed it. Now, I have but a single bottle left.

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! This guy sounds like a superstar in my book! I mean, come on, anyone who throws darts at Robert Parker is 100% AWESOME!!!

That's a sad story, but clearly he loved what he did even if it killed him.

A bottle as special as this one must be reserved for a special occasion... have you decided when you would open it?

Nectar, I am with you on this... I typically just pick up a bottle here and there. I'm in no way a collector unless you consider hoarding cases of wine containing random bottles with little or no value, a collector! :)

That sounds like a perfect way to celebrate Christmas! Have you ever tried this particular bottle? Just wondering if you know what you are about to get into!

The Wine Whore said...

Don't you hate when you only have ONE bottle left of something you really enjoy?!

What kind of occasion would prompt you to open it?

Corkdork said...

I think I'll crack the wax seal on that bottle sometime when I've either got a serious celebration, or on one of those days when I feel like a barrel fell on me. More likely (hopefully!) the former, though, as it's how Richard would have liked his wine enjoyed.

The Wine Whore said...

I'll be waiting to hear about when you open it!

It's fun to set goals for specific bottles of wine... I like to do mine around holidays, anniversaries, and legendarily crappy days! :)

Joe said...

'05 Chateau Leoville-Barton St. Julien
'05 Chateau Doisy-Vedrines Sauternes
'04 Chateau Cos d'Estournel St. Estephe
'03 Quixote Estate Cabernet Stags Leap District
Countryside Vineyards Sweet White Wine (East Tennessee)

Sadly, I could only muster one bottle each (the Tennessee wine was a gift). And, I've drank all my affordable stuff. AND, I'm on budgetary purchasing lockdown, but I can't drink these yet!

The Wine Whore said...

How long do you think you'll wait?

Kate said...

Having done just did a stock of my wine last night, there a couple bottles, while not expensive themselves, it would be hard or pricey to get again.

From our New Zealand Honeymoon (and not distributed as far as I know in the states , as of Spring 2009). A couple of these are near or past their peak, so while I know we need to drink them sooner than later, they are still not your everyday wines.

-Mahi Gewurztraminer 2008
- Terraces Montana (aka Brancott) Pinot Noir 2007
-Bouldevines Pinot Noir 2006

And other ones:
-Mike Dikta Kick Ass Red 2004. Its signed by Da Man himself, so I'm not sure if I do want to open it.
-Bottle of Bollinger NV. Got as a gift from one of the TV shows I worked on, and just havent opened it!

There are a couple i have from Rubicon that just aren't ready to drink yet, but they aren't nescessarily fancy schmancy bottles.

in vino veritas said...

I generally don't hold wines too long (1-2 years)but several that I have set away for special occassions include a 2004 Caymus Special Selection Cabernet and a 2001 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac Cab/merlot blend. There is some 2001 Silver Oak cabernet stored also but that will come out sooner than later.

The Wine Whore said...

I love the name of that Ditka bottle "Kick Ass Red"...

Anyone ever try this one? I wonder what it's like! Kate, which one do you think you'll crack open next?

In Vino... You and I have very similar taste in Cab! All of those are nice! I've got a bottle of 2005 Special Selection in my fridge that I was actually able to score for less than $100. How much time is left on that Silver Oak?

Kate said...

In Vino - yum. Silver Oak is the next pricer bottle to splurge on.

I've tried the Kick Ass Red at his restaurant in Chicago (FYI - I'm from Chicago, the family is still there too!). Its a manly cabernet to say the least. Smoky, Tobacco, Leather, Earth - its a not a foo-foo fruity wine.

Mike Ditka's will be next to open, unless we open the Bollinger New Years Eve.

The Wine Whore said...

I enjoy the Silver Oak... have you tried any of the Nickel and Nickel cabs? They're right up there with Caymus and Silver Oak in my book!

You just reminded me, I better figure out what to open for New Year's Eve!

Richard Auffrey said...

There is a local store near me with great prices on the Caymus and Silver Oak. They have Caymus Special Selection for $99! All of the wines they sell are at rock bottom prices.

The Wine Whore said...

Really!?! That's awesome! I had to shop around a bit to get the Caymus for a good price... I can't believe they're selling it for $99!

Is there something wrong with the vintage?

The funny thing is that the store near me actually sold me the 2005 for that price... is that a good deal?

Richard Auffrey said...

No, it is just a good deal.

The Wine Whore said...

Whew! That's good to know! I sometimes get paranoid when something's TOO good to be true... I can't wait to crack into it!

in vino veritas said...

I will probably break out the Silver Oak in the next 2-3 years. I have not tried the Nickel & Nickel yet. Hard to get ahold of.

Kate - I can pick up the '04 Silver Oak Napa Cab for under $90.

Richard - Is that the '06 Caymus for $99? I have been told by several winos that the '06 was not a typical vintage, thus the lower price.

The Wine Whore said...

That's funny! There's a ton of the Nickel and Nickel down here... seems like everyone is carrying it. Wonder why they don't stock it near you...

I was wondering the same thing about the Caymus! That's why I thought it was pretty cool to snag the 2005 for $99... Has anyone tried the 2006? Now I'm curious!

Richard Auffrey said...

I am not sure which vintage the Caymus Special Selection is. But, even if it is not a good vintage, I am sure the wine is still good and worth $99

The Wine Whore said...

You know what, you're right! Isn't it funny how we're sitting here trying to figure out which vintage is better... they're ALL good!

Thank you for putting it into perspective! :)

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