TWWTV: Chillin' with the Wine Whore

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In case you missed it, and actually wanted to be there...

Here's the re-run of last night's show:

(Click here if the video doesn't show up correctly)

I originally thought I would discuss my "secrets of Wine Whoring" but it really just turned into a loose conversation about wine and specifically the Zinfandel I was enjoying last night... Honestly, I enjoy these shows more when they have a loose script. It's just more fun to be spontaneous and let YOU take the show where it's going to go. Some shows are obviously better than others, but I'm learning. As long as I am having fun, enjoying the company of other wine lovers, and a nice bottle of vino... I'm happy!

What do you think? Feedback is the best way for me to improve the show!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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