Today's Wise Words: The Big Package

Posted by The Wine Whore |

"Don't get me wrong, I think big flashy packaging is cool... but if it came down to it, I'd rather drink a golden vintage of wine from a Styrofoam cup than a bad batch of wine from a golden straw."

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Anonymous said...

I will have to try that. Drink a nice top quality wine from a foam cup vs. a bad one from a nice wine glass. @fgj1013

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! If you've got nice glasses to drink the good wine from, I would save the Styrofoam for something else.

I'm just sayin' that I'd rather good bottle of wine without the marketing/packaging fluff, than a crappy bottle of wine that looks all pretty but tastes like piss!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. I get it. But still, you have given me an excellent idea and theme for my next wine tasting. Kinda like a boxing match between a heavywieght champ with his hands tied behind his back versus a little wimpy guy with a baseball bat. I will let you know what happens. ;) @fgj1013

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! You know what, that does sound like an awesome idea!

Which bottles will you choose as the contenders?

Anonymous said...

I think I will do a Martinelli Jack Ass Hill Zin in a foam cup vs. Mouton Cadet Bordeaux from a Riedel Sommelier series glass (my best and biggest glass). Should be fun! @fgj1013

The Wine Whore said...

That's going to be an awesome experiment!

I'd love to do it along with you on TWWTV or skype?

Would you be down for that?

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