Today's Wise Words: Acceptable Aeration

Posted by The Wine Whore |

"Swirling may help wine breathe, but do it too vigorously and you'll end up red in the face, shirt, pants, floor, and person standing next to you."

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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michele said...

do you suggest letting wine breathe a bit before drinking? I have found it does mellow out the alcohol a bit

The Wine Whore said...

That's a great question! Personally, my ritual consists of opening the bottle, taking a taste and then figuring out where to go from there. If it tastes harsh or "closed", then I usually run it through a decanter and/or aerator and let it chill out. Honestly, in my opinion, any wine that I really enjoyed, didn't need to be decanted to taste good. Decanting and air bring out different characteristics, but unless you are chugging the wine, you'll probably get that aeration naturally. On the other hand, if the wine is imbalanced, aeration seems to make it much more soft and drinkable.

What's been your experience? I know there are a lot of different points of view on this one... I'm curious to hear what other people's rituals consist of!


cestbeth said...

My experience is that it depends on the wine. Some do taste better aerated, others taste great just opened. When I was in Napa in August, I got to try a wine non-aerated, then aerated, at a tasting. It was very interesting to taste the difference. I also stayed with some wine peeps and we drank a wine that had been opened for a day and the flavors really opened up (no pun). So it depends on the wine, I think.

The Wine Whore said...

I totally agree!

You know, something I have been trying to figure out lately is whether or not there is a relationship between quality of the wine and time required for it to open up?

Do better bottles require aeration or vise versa?


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