South Beach Orgy

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You know that one place you love to visit but hate to live in?

Well, for me, Miami is that place. There's so much I love to see and do down there, but man, I couldn't wait to move away from the hustle, and everyday frustrations of living in this melting pot of a city. Last week I had the chance to spend a few days enjoying those places in Miami that I once neglected. It was awesome, but I am sure glad to be home.

Before I left for my trip, you may remember that I made the following list of must do things:

    1) Eat some of my old favorite ribs at Flannigan's - Check!

    2) Cross at least one bottle of wine off of my wish list - Not quite checked off

    3) Eat at one of my old favorite steak houses - Found a new favorite!

    4) Aimlessly wander the streets of South Beach - Check, check, and double check!

    5) Eat some MORE ribs at Flannigan's... - Check!

    6) ... actually get some work done! (maybe) - Check!

Once I arrived in Miami, I headed directly for the nearest Flannigan's. If you've never had their ribs, you probably won't understand. If you have, then you know exactly what I am talking about. These bad boys are AWESOME! The meat falls off of the bone like it's been boiled for decades... YUMM!

From there I went to Coconut Grove for some University of Miami college bar hopping. Talk about a blast from the past... in true college bar fashion, I stumbled into a bar that was offering none other than PENNY BEERS! Wow, I can feel the hangover just thinking about it! Needless to say, the evening ended as I stumbled into bed full of beer, ribs, and the sounds of my favorite movie, The Big Labowski, playing on the hotel television. Ahh, I slept like a baby!

Day two started off on the right foot. It began by chowing down on the mother of all burritos, compliments of Baja Fresh. Nothing kills a hangover quite like devouring a burrito the size of your head that is covered in melted cheese and flaming hot sauce. I do have to say as a word of caution: it does hurt on the way out... so be careful with the hot sauce!

After working out last night's beer and ribs, I was ready to move on. Next stop, South Beach. The hotel was located right on 5th and Ocean. A perfect place for the Wine Whore to set up camp. Just seconds from the beach, bars, and debauchery. In fact, the hotel room offered a surprise that I dubbed "The Orgy Bed". How many hotel rooms have you stayed in with a mattress in the living room? They must have known I was coming! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself:

(If the video doesn't appear correctly, click here)

As for wine, I didn't get to cross off a wish list bottle. The markup was too ridiculous for me to do any real damage. I'm talking like 3.5 - 4x markup! This is one of the reasons why I moved!

I did get to try a bunch of cool wines at a little wine bar on Lincoln Road. The highlight was a Sauternes I tasted along with a funky clump of musty blue cheese. I never would have thought to pair the sweet almost "porty" taste of the Sauternes with such a musty cheese... but it was AMAZING!!! The funk just melts in your mouth like vanilla ice cream. It's a sensation everyone should enjoy at least once in their wine drinking life.

Later that day, while at dinner, I tried something new: an organic Merlot by Heller Estate. It was either this or a bottle of Beaulieu Tapestry. Both were ridiculously priced, but I think I made the right choice. This isn't your mama's Merlot! Even Miles from Sideways would be asking for another bottle... it was pretty damn good. Full bodied and well balanced, this wine drank more like a Cab than a Merlot. It even had enough balls to stand up to my fatty rib-eye steak... now that says something!

Like all good things, my Miami trip came to an end with a long and rainy car ride home. Even though I had a blast, I am glad to be back home with my friends, wine, and most importantly, my own bed. There's no place like home!

So, what's that ONE place you like to visit but hate to live in?


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Tyler said...

Ahh, that's what we call "steakhouse merlot." Phil Titus makes 'em like that too -- he's the consulting winemaker at Chappelet, and has his own label, Titus Vineyards, where he uses grapes estate-grown by his brother, Eric.

The Wine Whore said...

It was very tasty!

What exactly makes them "steakhouse merlot"? Is there something different they do when making the wine to give 'em a heartier flavor?


Tyler said...

Generally, you'll find such a merlot from uber-ripe grapes (riper grapes = more flavor), they tend to get more oak treatment (more tannins, adding some vanilla notes). There may be technical differences in what's done in the winery -- I'm not as up on that side of things -- but generally I find wines in that style tend to be fairly high alcohol (due to the riper grapes).

The Wine Whore said...

This one clocked in at 14% for alcohol content according to their website. That's not low, but not outstandingly high. One thing I did note was that this wine was from the Carmel Valley... never had much wine from there before. What are your thoughts on this region?


drinknectar said...

So did you use the orgy bed? no video of that huh? maybe find one porotube or something. lol - just kidding. Ahhh - the beach. We love anything beach. We've been to hawaii 4 times and Florida once in the last 5 years. For me, I liked visiting Miami, but wouldn't want to live there. I like Seattle, but wouldn't live there. When we can move south we're cathing the first bus to San Diego, Portland, or Phoenix when our son graduate H.S.

Thanks for sharing. I really like getting the peronal side of people we interact with online. Long live the Whore, the king of the internet wine blogging!

Tom Johnson said...

Sauternes and stinky bleu cheese is one of life's great joys. I get together with a few friends about once a quarter for what we call a "Gentleman's Smoker." The host grills meat and we each bring a bottle of "memorable" wine. Last spring the four wines were a 15 year old Barolo, a 10 year old Hermitage, a good second growth Bordeaux and one of those big Chilean Cabs. All memorable. But as an afterthought I pulled out a 2003 Chateau Guiraud and set it up with a block of Stilton...and that's what we're still talking about eight months later. Brought down the house.

Dezel said...

Sounds like a great, should we say �rib-filled� trip bro! Sauternes and Stilton is a classic pairing that I have come to enjoy over the years. But a nicely aged Port does the trick too. A few weeks ago we had a 65 Graham with Stilton and it was amazing. The Port, at least IMHO was slightly passed its prime, but it was more than acceptable and tasty for its age. Have a great week man.


The Wine Whore said...

It's funny because every time I go down to Miami, I have to eat those ribs at least once a day... that way I can make it through the year without craving them too badly... is that weird? Am I the only one who has found something they love but can only find in one place? I need to open my own Flannigans in Tampa... even if it didn't do well, at least it would save me the trip to Miami for ribs! :)

Sauternes, to me, tastes a lot like port. I could totally see how that would work. Just goes to show, you don't have to catch a bottle at its prime in order to enjoy it.

You too! Any good plans for you wine week?


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