Shopping for Wine is Hard

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Shopping for wine is actually a really stressful event. I usually walk into the wine store, head right for the Bordeaux, then to the expensive glass encased section, and then I usually peruse the Cabernets. Somewhere in between, I'll check out either Spanish wine or maybe even the Syrahs/Shiraz. The more I look around, the more I can feel the anxiety building inside... There's so many bottles that I want to take home, but I usually can't figure out which one to buy!

Am I alone here?

Today's trip to the wine store was no different. After browsing for about an hour, it was time to leave. So what did I end up taking home? I went with a bottle of 2006 Rauzan-Segla and a case of Sam Adams Winter Lager Variety Pack. Why the odd couple? Here's my thinking:

Rauzan-Segla was one of the few (and quite honestly the best) Chateaus that I visited in Bordeaux but was disappointed by because they didn't sell their wine at the Chateau. I've been eyeing this bottle for a while and finally decided to go for it to finish out my collection of bottles from my trip.

So why the Sam Adams? Well, that's simple! This handy twelve pack is going to a family member as a Christmas gift. I know, I know, but not everyone in the Whore family likes wine! To each his own! :)

What are you picking up from the Candy Shop, uh, I mean wine store this winter?

Did I make the right choice?

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Richard Auffrey said...

I usually enter a wine store with one of two different mindsets.

First, I may just be there browsing, with no real intent to buy anything. Though it something really stands out to me, I may buy it. But I will look over the whole store.

Second, I may have a specific intent to buy wine, whether or not it is for a particular wine. But I always try to buy something new to me, something unusual. This is to broaden my wine horizons, to encounter new grapes or regions.

Obviously there was no problem with the beer, if that is what the intended receipient enjoys most.

The wine was also a good choice, a wine you enjoyed previously but had not previously has the chance to purchase.

Only problem, you should have bought more wine. :)

The Wine Whore said...

I know RIGHT! I should have bought MORE! I've been trying to be good since I make these sorts of trips seemingly too often... since I get a lot of the less expensive stuff as samples, I try to use the saved money to purchase more expensive bottles that I wanna hold on to. Now the problem is that I wanna crack into this bottle right now and I know if I don't, it'll be months if not years before I do! :(

I guess a wino could have worse problems!

Oh! P.S. I added the browsing of the Spanish section to my routine all thanks to you and that Monastrell you turned me on to! Now the only problem is that I can't decide which bottle of Spanish wine to try next! Any thoughts?

Richard Auffrey said...

Why don't you take some pics of their Spanish section so I can see what they have and then I can give you a better recommendation?

The Wine Whore said...

That's a great idea! How about I sneak my Flip camera in there and take a video!? Think they'd throw me out?

In any case, I bet I could get some good shots and that would be a huge help because when I wander around the Spanish section, I'm clueless!

Richard Auffrey said...

If you tell them you are taking a video so you can decide which wines to buy, I doubt they would give you any trouble.

You could video the whole store, and everyone could then give you recommendations based on what they have in stock.

The Wine Whore said...

That's true! I bet you're right...

The place by me has a lot of stuff in stock... should I pick a smaller store, concentrate on one section, or just go for it! I'm just afraid noone would want to watch an hour long video of all of their selections! :P

Richard Auffrey said...

Do mini-videos of each section, multiple posts so people can gravitate to the different regions.

The Wine Whore said...

I knew you'd come up with a cool way to do this!

I'll get back over there this weekend armed with a Flip camera, a hunger for wine, and a desire to explore! :)

Stay tuned...

Kate said...

Sam Adams Winter Variety Pack is a Holiday standard, no matter what!

The first place I migrate to is the New Zealand section, to see if there are any specials or any new bottles I haven't seen before. Then to the expensive cabernets in a locked cabinet. Then I peruse the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to see if any thing pops out to buy.

Unlike you, especially if I'm with the husband, we rarely leave the wine store (i.e. BevMo) without 4+ bottles...

Since we are away from home most of the holidays, we are only buying for New Years Eve. A bottle over $50 to bring to a fancy wine tasting get together. I am leaning towards Silver Oak (if I can find a good deal, and a bottle that would be ready to drink), Grigch Hills, or just my bottle of Bollinger.

Anonymous said...

Oh It is "anonymous" me again. Posting once again after I find the link. If you are in Colorado and can pick up some of Avery's beers, do it. The Ten Fiddy is ??? (very high alcohol content, but good. IF you can get Leinenkugel's, try the Nut Brown, not as good as last year, but still good. And eat peanuts with it. You will think you are having beer and peanut butter.... OMG

Randy, just cuz we don't have a web site, Why do we have to post as anonymous?? Only cuz I haven't figured this out yet

Pam C

The Wine Whore said...

Kate, now seems to be a great time to get the Silver Oak... the prices are ridiculous! I say go for it though and splurge on the Napa Valley Silver Oak... for only $10, I think it's worth it!

I've been pretty bad about my wine spending/consumption, so I try to limit myself to only a couple bottles, especially if they are over the $50-$100 range...

I've gotta make my way to Colorado Pam! Those Avery's beers sound awesome!

The Wine Whore said...

... edit, The Napa Valley Silver Oak isn't $10... I meant $10 MORE! If it was only $10, I would fill my entire house with it, bathe in it, and probably even fill a water bed with it!

Yeah, it's that good! :)

kate said...

I guessed you meant $100. ;)

Also, I thought the Justin Isosceles for $60 looked like a good option too!

Jainomo said...

Hmm .... holiday lager, sounds intriguing :).

The Wine Whore said...

I know, I'm tempted to crack into that twelve pack and taste one for myself! The wife better wrap it up before I get myself in trouble! :P

That would be awesome though if they sold the stuff for only $10! :P

That's a great deal on the Isosceles! Why are these wines so much less expensive now?

Anonymous said...

Fun blog as this is a common dilemma. Love the Rauzan Segla, I have a mini vertical from 2000 - 2005. Have had my eye on the 2006 as it received good reviews as a stand out in Bordeaux for that vintage. It seems over priced at the local Total Wine at $99.00 a bottle. What did you pay? Seems like they are trying to ride the coat tails of the 05.

Maybe you can help me with my current situation. Sassicaia 2006 or Solaia 2004? I have had my eye on the Solaia for some time. What do you think?

The Wine Whore said...

I think I payed about $80 for it by me! You have no idea what I would do for a vertical of 2000 -2005! That's awesome!

Unfortunately, I haven't had either of those so I wouldn't feel comfortable making a suggestion... lemme see if anyone else I know can help!

I've also got a new feature called Help A Wino Out. This question would be a perfect one to ask! Check it out: http://www.winewhorin.com/2009/12/ask-wine-whore.html

Anonymous said...

done and done. Looking forward to the response.


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