Selling Out by Selling Wine?

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I'd love to be able to take my Wine Whoring to the next level. Doing this as a full time job would be awesome... but the question is, HOW?

One of my friends just told me that I was crazy for not selling the wines that I try on the site. Here's my thoughts on the matter: Selling wine would be cool with me, but I just don't want to ruin my credibility in the process.

What do you think? Would you buy wine from a Wine Whore? Does selling wine make you a sellout?

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drinknectar said...

I don't think its a credibility issue as much as it is a quality issue. If you can put together a quality site that competes with some of the big boys then you may have something. Maybe you could beat the streets for some higher profile sponsors. 1000 hits a day should be able to generate some residual cash.

Good luck!

The Wine Whore said...

That's a good point! I really am not as aggressive as I should be in finding sponsors... so much to do, so little time! :)

allan said...

Not sure how much of a gambler you are. But, rather than sell other people's wine have you ever considered selling your own, using something like Crushpad?

This way you'll have complete control over the quality and the winemaking process. And with the success of labels like Menage a Trois and Fat Bastard "Red Whore", "White Whore" and "Blended Whore" would probably do great :). And, now that they are going international you could have "Italian Whore" and "French Whore" :).

Obviously, this would be a non-trivial investment. But, if it goes well, it could continue to fund future vintages and make money for your blog.

Just a thought :)

Corkdork said...

You might consider affiliate links to sites that sell the wines; that way, the work is basically foisted off on someone else.

Oh, and I do like the idea of a "French Whore" wine. Not so sure the TTB would OK a label with that name, though -- it might depend on the label art.

Seattle Wine Gal said...

Lots of thoughts on this. I think if you kept it subtle and stick with your original meaning for doing what you do, you will not be viewed as a sell-out. Also, if the wine you sell is quality for the price, and not determined solely by political ties with wine reps/wineries, or how much money you will make, people will fall behind you like baby ducks! YES, I would buy wine from you. -Seattle Wine Gal

Jim Kelly (Ireland) said...

I believe people will stay with their trusted supplier be that local / chain or even direct. You must be a little different - sell your personality backed up with a quality / quaffing wine - I like Allen's angle if you have the money (balls) to start small !!!!

The Wine Whore said...

That's a really cool idea! I would totally be up for that!

What do you guys think? Would you want to drink some 'Whore' Wine? :)

... freakin' hilarious!

MVineyards said...

Lots of laws to investigate. Garyvee not likely to share! The most successful of our restaurant suppliers have stuff that NOBODY has ever heard of or nobody can find.

Brian Larkey is a wine importer that has made personal contacts over the years with Italian wineries. He is himself a winemaker. He has one of the best portfolios I have ever tasted. http://www.dallaterra.com/html/brian_larky.html
You need to either distribute products like his or develop the kind of contacts he has.

Another company that acts as a distributor that operates on the same model is Avant Partir. http://www.avantpartir.com/ Great boutique wines.

I would build a market one wine at a time and stick with difficult wines to find. Makes you special. Otherwise why order from you when they can go to the local wine store and purchase?

Hope that helps.


The Wine Whore said...

I'll check those guys out! Thank you for the ideas and insight! This is going to be tricky because like you said, people need a reason to buy from me over someone else. That's going to make it come down to either price or selection.

I think I'd be better off going with selection but that may be tricky given the fact that I get samples from wineries.

I'll have to keep looking into this!

The Wine Whore said...

Transparency is KEY!

I think the affiliate program is the way to go on this one... although I do like the idea of making my own wine! :)

I've reapplied to wine.com affiliate program... I think they actually denied me a while back because the website had the word "whore" in it!?! Can you believe that?! :)

Let's see if they do it again!

Joeshico said...

Been doing the Affiliates for two yrs. now on a now defunct web-site and my blog. You must make a lot of sales just to pay for hosting fees on a web-site.
I like the Crushpad idea. Can't wait to tell the wife I'm having a "French Whore" tonight.

Tom Johnson said...

I think if you're going to do this in real whore style, you don't sell the wine. You just rent it out by the half hour.

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! I'll have to check out the Crushpad thing! How much does it cost to make your own wine anyways? What if it sucks? Now I know how a winery feels... this is HARD work! :P

Tom, that's a great idea! Now I just need to find a sketchy location next to the interstate, put up some tackily furnished rooms, and get a dude with a stained wife-beater to work the front desk!

One question: What's the going rate for a half hour with some wine? :)

Chris said...

I think the Whore branded wine could catch on. I hear Tiger Woods doesn't have as many things to endorse as he used to... :-)

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Could you imagine how funny that would be if I could get Tiger Woods to endorse it? I think he's more of a slut than a whore though.... :P

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