Old Man Winter Jacked My Wine

Posted by The Wine Whore |

Dear Old Man Winter,

I didn't mind the cold weather (after all, I live in FL), but when you screwed with my wine, you really pissed me off. What's you're problem? I know that you froze my wine while UPS was bringing it to my crib. When I finally got it, the corks were popped and the wine was ruined. If you wanted some, I would have shared... but now I'm pissed! To settle the score, I'm sending Father Time over to your hood to kick your ass!

Don't mess with the Wine Whore... OR his wine! :)

Has this happened to you?

Be careful if you're shipping wine this winter, Old Man Winter is being a real jerk!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Anonymous said...

This is a well-written, insightful post.

Thank you for wasting 25 seconds of my life that I'll never get back.

The Wine Whore said...

Thank you Lenn!

I'm sure you would have wasted a lot MORE time writing one of your long-winded posts...

VA Wine Diva said...

that totally sucks....yet another reason I'm glad I drink local wines I buy direct from producers.

The Wine Whore said...

It really can be a gamble especially when living in FL... in the summers it's too hot and in the winters it's too cold!

Do you think I'd have as much bad luck if I purchased wine from VA? Is that close enough to FL to be considered local?

drinknectar said...

It's really disappointing when people anonymously crap on your posts. I know I come here to be entertained. I go to Lenn's world for more in depth reviews that are from areas of the US that I don't taste wine from very often.

Thanks for sharing Randy and thanks for the important and witty warning.

It wasn't the Kiona was it?


The Wine Whore said...

Thank you Josh!

No! Thankfully it wasn't the Kiona! That should be here any day now... on the other hand, hopefully it doesn't suffer the same fate! :(

drinknectar said...

Oh, yes, and I'm sorry for your loss. Those wines never got to experience the joy of being consumed by a whore!

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! It would have been one heck of an experience for both the wine and myself! :P

Rachel said...

I laughed. Great letter.

I'm long winded but I'm not a the stick in the mud. How did you know who it was? (Lenn?)

That stinks about your wine. I say buy your wine from where ever you want. This is coming from someone who has to buy wine from a government controlled store!

Will you get a refund or replacements?

The Wine Whore said...

Thanks! I was really disappointed at the time but I thought this was a funny way of dealing with my anger! :)

Just call it intuition about knowing who it was! ;)

The funny thing is that this is the first time this has ever happened to me... I've received a bottle or two of cooked but never FROZEN wine! :)

Since it was a sample, I think I am out of luck on this one... hopefully I'll get a second chance once things warm up a bit!

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