New Year's Picks?

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It's time for a fun exercise...

If someone asked you to suggest one red, one white, a champagne, and a prosecco for New Year's Eve, what would you suggest?

Ok, ready, set, GO!

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Beth said...

I've just had these recently, so they are in the forefront of my mind.

One red - 2006 Anderson's Conn Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

One white - 2006 Bell Wine Cellars Chardonnay

One champagne - Pol Roger

Never had a prosecco, so I'll be looking for recommendations!

The Wine Whore said...

I SOO have to try that Bell Wine Cellars Chard... if it's even half as good as you say, it will be awesome! :)

I've never had a Prosecco either... should be interesting! :)

Corkdork said...

My picks, maxing out at $100 a bottle (I can do a more budget-friendly list, of course).

Red: Bergstrom Cumberland Pinot Noir 2007. Big, rich Pinot that's perfect for cocktailing, but elegant enough to match a meal.

White: Ch. Carbonnieux Blanc 2005. Classic Carbonnieux -- clean, pure, mineral and lemon/melon. Truly an experience.

Champagne: Pertois Moriset 2000. Pretty darn hard to find (75 cases imported, and I can account for at least one of them -- 1/12 is in my fridge), but an absolutely amazing grower-maker Champagne, showing pure lemon drop and mineral flavors. This blanc des blancs, Grand Cru wine (from Le Mesnil Sur Orger -- home of Salon, and where Krug sources it's Chardonnay) is the reason you'll never go back to bland, big house Champagnes ever again.

Prosecco: Nino Franco Prosecco Primo Franco. The best Prosecco I've ever had, period. Less than $30, and it's got distinct white peach notes, some florals, and is undeniably Prosecco -- not Champagne's bastard cousin, but proudly so.

Kevin Glowacki (Atlanta Wine Guy) said...

Red - Row 11 Vinas 3 Pinot Noir

White - Domaine des Aubuisi�res Cuv�e de Silex

Champagne - Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs

Prosecco - Riondo Pink Prosecco Raboso

Constance C said...

never had a Prosecco?!
I had two last night at a tasting and countless with holiday breakfasts

The Villa Jolanda Prosecco is very cheap, but always a good go to!

I also really enjoyed one I had last night, but I'll have to get back to you on the name!

Richard Auffrey said...

Any money limit?

Prosecco: 2008 Adami Gardino Prosecco, Italy ($20.70)

Champagne: Select a Grower's Champagne, not the usual big commercial champagnes. Or consider a Spanish Cava instead.

Red: Sea Smoke Pinot Noir

White: South African Chenin Blanc

The Wine Whore said...

Hmm... Maybe this exercise is best split into two categories, value wines (<$20) and celebratory wine (<$150)

Corkdork said...

Value wines, all under $20:

Red: Bogle Phantom 2005. Bogle is best known for value-driven zin, but in this offering, they really do a great job of combining old-vine zin and mouvedre. Yummy. $18-ish

White: Patrick Javillier's Cuvee de Forgets -- mostly fruit from Mersault, it showcases the rich, slightly creamy style of that region, for the price that a Bourgogne can command (about $20).

Sparkling: Graham Beck NV. Cap Classique from South Africa, and every bit as good as a Champagne, without the price tag. $16-ish

Prosecco: Nino Franco (still!) Rustico. Nino's third wine, and absolutely excellent. About $19.

Joe said...

Prosecco: have to side with corkdork on the Nino Franco Rustico

Red: Sunset Cellars 2003 Dry Creek Zinfandel. Absurd dark chocolate flavors; NYE is all about decadence, right?

White: Bovin Chardonnay. Was blown away this year by the pure fruit and quality of this Macedonian (yes, Macedonia) white. Price point of $13, but drinks like a $30+ Chard

Bubbles: Miolo Brut. Impressed with this sparkler from (drum roll) Brazil. Makes sense; they know how to party down there. If we must go with Champagne, then I'm always partial to Taittinger Brut.

Anonymous said...

I will pick from what I have on hand.

Red - 2006 Beaux Freres Ribbon Ridge Pinot - Probably the most explosive pinot i own, amazing nose full of complexity, transitions over to the palate with layers to many to count. Drinking great right now probably better in a few years.

White - 2005 Cloudy Bay Te Koko Sav Blanc - Pick up a couple bottles at a high end tasting a few weeks back - It was the stand out white imho. Mouth feel of a nice Chard but all of the wonderful citris of a NZ SB

Champagne - 2000 Joseph Perrier - Also pick up at tasting on sale. Beautiful champagne tiny bubbles and remarkably sweet less brut than I was expecting. good croud pleaser, champange people will enjoy and poeple turned off by drier ones will love as well.

Prosecco - probably substitute for korbel Asti spumante for 4.99 ;)jk dont really have a lot of experience with them - could say

Anonymous said...

Just looked it up the local Bevmo has Nino Franco Rustico for 14.99 will pick up a couple bottles for the holiday and wet my feet with Prosecco. Thanks for the suggestions! and Happy New Year!

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