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Being a creature of habit makes life boring...

The best way to get out of a rut? Ask others for advice! Last Sunday I was driving to the local wine shop to pick up a keg (I know, just because I'm a Wine Whore doesn't mean I don't like drinking beer too!) and of course, I couldn't stop at a wine store without bringing home some vino. But what should I get? That's when I looked down at my Blackberry and noticed a suggestion from friend, wine lover, and foodie Richard Auffrey (@RichardPF) from The Passionate Foodie. Richard and I have been talking about wine and food (of which I know little about both topics) and he had some solid suggestions.

Today's suggestion: Spainish Monastrell

For about $11, I picked up a bottle of Hecula Monastrell. It was earthy with a bit of Spanish machismo on the finish... and tasty! A real change to my everyday rut.

Well, the moral of the story is, ASK people for new ideas. Listen, taste, and maybe you'll learn something new! Don't know where to look for help? Try social sites like Twitter, Facebook, or my personal favorite, the WWCrew.

When was the last time YOU tried something new?


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Rachel said...

I'm in. Monastrell is on my shopping list. Thanks, as always, for the great advice. It really saves me from whining later!

The Wine Whore said...

It's definitely different with a bit of funk on the finish but definitely worth the ride! :)

Let me know if you pick up a bottle, I'd love to compare notes!


The Wine Whore said...

Well said! This is what wine and wine blogging are all about... exchanging info and ideas and learning about new things from one another!


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