Life Lessons in a Bottle

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Ever notice how the things we enjoy in life also teach us lessons about living?

When I think about it, I always go back to Music, my other true love. Music has taught me patience, the ability to listen, and how to creatively collaborate with others.

Wine is not much different...

Much like music, the grape has taught me how to be patient when it comes to saving that special bottle, listen to my palate when it comes to tasting it, and collaborate with others when it comes to discussing and sharing tastes...

What life lessons have you learned from popping the cork?

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Rachel said...

I just recently had a "wine moment" where one simple drink connected me in a new way to many friends I've had for years. Fascinating how something so common can be so unique at the same time.

The Wine Whore said...

That's a great way to describe it!

Honestly, I'd rather drink a two-buck-chuck with good friends than a Lafite by myself ANY DAY! The fact that it brings you closer with others is what is REALLY important.

I have to know, which bottle sparked your "wine moment"?

Rachel said...

In this case, I was talking about my Italian spritzer. It was really cool to find out that this drink was a staple in many of my friends' families. One friend asked his mom about it. She just turned 85. I saw her over the weekend and she was thrilled and told me all about "la cantine" where they kept the homemade wine in her basement growing up in South Philly. She also told me this made her think of how her mom would make homemade liquers with fresh fruit. What a great conversation.

The Wine Whore said...

That's really cool! I just love how drinks like this bring people together... thank you for sharing your story! :)

Anonymous said...

Patience for most begins with the purchase of a bottle of wine. For the winery (I'm a vintner not a winemaker) the waiting begins long before. There is the years of cultivation before the vines are ready to produce grapes for wine. Once they are ready there is the constant battle with nature: drought, late rains, disease, birds, etc. After a long season of watching those grapes grow they can be wiped out by nature, but if you are fortunate enough they make it to the winery to be crushed. While the several weeks of fermentation seem long the aging is even longer. Brief tastes of the wine give you a glimmer of what is to come. Depending on the product we might actually be able to finish the wines in another few months or it might be a couple of years. Bottling finally comes but there is even more waiting for bottle shock to subside. Only then do you begin to sell. You wait for the reaction on the face of those who have tasted your wine for a positive reaction....you hope...you pray. (@MVineyards - stupid program won't let me put my name so "anonymous" it is!)

The Wine Whore said...

I'm always excited to read the insight from a winery's perspective! I guess we shouldn't complain about having to be patient about cellaring a good bottle... it's nothing compared to what you must have to go through knowing that your profit depends on a good stash!

Mind if I ask what the best and/or worst moment has been for you so far in your career as a vintner?

MVineyards said...

Worst was watching the birds swoop down this year in record numbers. We were using a combination of cannons and bird call devices instead of netting. It was an investment issue. Those bastards ate tons of grapes. I would go out every morning with a shotgun and try to shoo (left out the "t" because I won't admit to violating federal act against shooting song birds even though they were costing me massive amounts in damages). My arm was bruised from all the shooting. In the end it was futile.
Interestingly we picked a little early to avoid damage. In a way it saved us more damage as the following weeks we were inundated with rain that really negatively impacted other vineyards.

My best moment was when our resident magician and winemaker Stefano magically made wine I was sure we would have to throw away (nose was terrible) into one of my favorite wines. When my brother, Rob, asked him what he thought about our wine he said, "It's a miracle". Throw in the Italian accent and waving of hands and you can get the picture!

@MVineyards www.montaluce.com

The Wine Whore said...

First of all, I would be absolutely FURIOUS at those damn birds. Not that I don't like birds or anything, but dude, they're eating your lifeblood! I'd be totally freaking out! It is funny how things worked out in the end... I always like to say "everything happens for a reason!"

Your best moment must also have been pretty stressful. After all, what would have happened if he WASN'T able to work his magic?! Good thing he saved the day....

... after hearing this, I give you guys more credit for what you do. I also know that I would be bald if I ever ran a winery! :)


Richard Auffrey said...

A few lessons from wine:

1. There is joy in diversity.
(So many different types of grape, so many different blends, different wine styles, regions, etc. All have something special to bring to the table.)

2. Always try something new.
(With all that diversity, there is much opportunity to try the new and you benefit from doing so.)

3. Passion is the key to life.
(The best wine makers, wine store owners, wine lovers, etc. all possess passion. And that passion makes them great.)

The Wine Whore said...

Check, check, and double-check! :)

I would say that I would also add that wine has taught me that something doesn't have to be perfect to be enjoyable! That kinda goes hand in hand with trying new stuff.

What's next on your list to try?

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