It's Time to Forget the Snob!

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I came home today to be greeted by something other than the usual box of wine on my doorstep... I knew it was coming, I've been waiting patiently, and now the time has come!

Wine Whore T-Shirts are here!!!

Since I'm so excited, and I want to get as many of these shirts out to YOU, I am extending the special pre-order sale to the next 50 people who order!

You can pick up one of these bad boys for only $6.99 each (plus $5.25 for shipping). Hell, you can't even get a PLAIN t-shirt for less than that, let alone one as AWESOME as this!

Put down your wine glass and make sure to get yours today!


Special thank you to Eric and the folks over at DedTees.com for hooking me up with a great deal on a batch of very well made shirts!

For other pimped out Wine Whore gear, check out the Wine Whore Store!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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