It's My Party and I'll Puke If I Want To

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Imagine if you could drink all of the booze you want, get buzzed, and then take a pill to sober up enough to drive home. No hangover, no DUI, no puking!

What's the fun in this?

According to this article by the UK Telegraph, scientists are hard at work developing such a creation that could one day replace alcohol in beverages such as beer, wine, and liquor.

Shouldn't scientists focus their time, energy, and MONEY on something MORE important than this?

I have to admit that I am not a fan of hangovers, DUI's are definitely VERY BAD for many reasons, and who the heck actually likes to puke? But I'm just saying that there's something about the ritual of getting crocked at a party that is half of the fun (minus the drunk driving thing, of course... don't do that!).

I for one say "Don't mess with my booze!" I like it just the way it is!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Rachel said...

I can hear the TV ad already: Side effects include: blurry vision, headaches, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. You should not drink alcohol while taking the hangover pill as driving impairment has been reported. Some people have suffered sudden death so tell your doctor if you take any prescription medication.


The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Exactly! :)

Don't we have enough medications already?

Richard Auffrey said...

I actually like this idea. It would enable me to drink even more before I had to leave a party. And then no worries about getting home, or being sick as a dog the next day.

And you always have the option not to take the pill if you enjoy the hangover. :)

The Wine Whore said...

Ok, you make a great point! Maybe I take these pills during the week so I don't have to be sick for work in the morning and on the weekend I put 'em away and just enjoying being sick and hungover so my wife can't make me do anything! :)

drinknectar said...

With this pill there would be two side effects. 1) guys would lose their libido confidence with the woman who looks like a 10 at 2AM but is actually a 2 at 10AM. (good or bad you decide)

2) taking this pill before going home with said woman above may eliminate the need for the morning after pill.

Just sayin...

Josh @nectarwine (twitter)

wlarryc said...

If the pill is big enough to plug up the opening in the wine bottle....there ya go!!!! No after effects!! ;-)

Richard Auffrey said...

Or better yet, take the pills on the weekend too but don't tell your wife. Then just pretend to be hungover so your wife won't make you do anything. :)

Though if you are getting hungover a lot, maybe you need to drink better alcohol. The better the alcohol, the more refined it usually is, and there is a lesser chance of a hangover.

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Josh, I think I could have used a couple of these pills back in the day! ;)

In the meantime, I'm going with Larry's approach! Screw science, just make the pill big enough to cork the bottle! :P

Hmmm, Richard, I think you came up with the best solution! Pretend to be hungover so she doesn't make me do stuff but don't actually BE hungover! It's brilliant! :)

Is that really true about better alcohol causing less hangovers or am I just drinking too much? :)

Richard Auffrey said...

Yes, hangovers are partially due to the impurities in alcohol. The better the alcohol, the less impurities, so less chance of a hangover.

To test it, try drinking cheap vodka one night, vodka that costs under $10 a bottle. Drink enough, you will have a terrible hangover. Drink the same amount of a premium vodka, about $30 a bottle, and you may not have a hangover at all, or at least much milder.

But you drink too much of any alcohol, no matter how good, and you will puke all night.

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Okay, I think that's my problem... not only am I mixing all kinds of alcohol and varying levels of quality, I am also drinking WAY too much! :P

I'd still like to try this out as an experiment! Sounds like fun!

drinknectar said...

Richard makes a very good point. If only my wallet would comply

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! I have the same problem! :P

Richard Auffrey said...

Just hang out then with guys with bg wallets.

The Wine Whore said...

Those guys definitely help! :)

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