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I am finally able to take a deep breath, a sigh, and relax. After frantically driving over four hours straight from Miami to Tampa in hopes of avoiding the rush hour flood, I am finally home. I have lots of email, comments, and reading to do. But first, I'm going to open a nice bottle of wine, relax, and enjoy the end of a long but fun week.

With all of it's crazy eye candy and other many oddities, my trip to Miami was as interesting as it was strenuous on my liver ... As soon as I settle in, I'll tell you the WHOLE story!

What did I miss while I was away? I feel so left out and I was only away for a couple of days... What's in store for your weekend?


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drinknectar said...

Welcome back! You were missed. P.S. Your blog roll is out of date, I'm not on it ;)

This weekened consists of dinner party 2nite, wrapping up a coffee shop review tomorrow morning, heading to a winery for a review tomorrow afternoon, dinner party 2morrow nite, and sunday is play guitar in church and veg out in front of football before going to my folks for dinner.


Shelly said...

Seriously? I'm glad your back and fine and all but I really want to know how you came to choose a Merlot? I need the details.


The Wine Whore said...

Thank you for the warm welcomes! :) I missed you too!

My bad! My blogroll is now fixed... are there any other sites that are missing?

Sounds like a busy, but totally awesome weekend ahead of you. I'll look forward to hearing more about it... you must be stoked! Which part of your weekend are you looking forward to most?

Shelly, this Merlot was part of a rare but beautiful breed. I'll post the writeup tomorrow morning although it will be hard to do it justice with words. Any memorable wine for you this week/weekend?


Kate said...

Totally hear you about feeling behind! I was out of the country for Thanksgiving, and still catching up on life, let alone your wine blog, and let alone wine drinking! (Extra Cold Guinness was my choice drink while away...although I did have my fav "hard to find in the states" wine!)

The plan is Christmas Tree decorating and cookie baking with either a Cabernet (if I'm cold), or a Sav. Blanc (if I get too warm from the oven and Xmas lights). Decisions, decisions....

The Wine Whore said...

Extra Cold Guinness is the way to go when you're across the pond! I can't wait to some of your posts about your trip, I bet you tore it up! :)

Which wine is your "hard to find in the states" wine? Now I'm curious!

I'd go with the Cabernet... or maybe even a Malbec. That's what I had last year while decorating the tree and lemme just say that while it started out well, as the night when on, I was practically just throwing ornaments at the damn thing.... it was a lot of fun!

P.S. I'd go with a Zinfandel (Old Vine) or a Late Harvest to go with Oreos. Oh yeah! :)


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