Forget the Snob...

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Ok, straight up, here's the deal. I want to take over the wine world. I know that sounds narcissistic but I have a valid reason for wanting to do so. I am sick and tired of letting wine snobs tell YOU what to drink. Stop letting them benefit at your expense. It's time for a new wine world order!

Over the last year I've made some great progress towards world wine domination. Let's review the stats: 10,000+ twitter followers, 2,200 Facebook friends, 1,000+ pageviews per DAY, and hundreds of subscribers.

What's next? Time to turn the dial up to... ELEVEN!! (lame Spinal Tap reference)

In order to obtain world wine domination, I require two simple and relatively inexpensive things: your support, and a little cha-ching so I can focus on my world wine domination endeavors full time.

I've devised a plan!

Help eliminate wine snobbery with your very own bumper sticker(shown above) for just $5. No tax, no shipping charges, no crazy bullshit hidden charges! Just $5, and it's yours. In exchange, I promise that 100% of the proceeds will go back into improving this site, offering freebies, and ultimately ruling the world.

...But that's not all!

For only $20 more, not only do you get a bumper sticker but I'll also put your company's advertisement, logo, or whatever the heck else you want on the VIP sponsor couch at the top of EVERY page of this site for an ENTIRE 30 days!

Oh, Mom would be so proud!

So... What's it gonna be?

Thank you again for all of your love and support... the mere fact that you are here reading these words is more than I could ever dream of!


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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drinknectar said...

I'll help you rule the world if you bring me along as an apprentice! I love your site, your style and your mojo! Hook me up!

Josh @nectarwine

The Wine Whore said...

It would be my utmost pleasure to have you as an apprentice! :) Thank you for the support, kind words, and for just plain 'ol loving wine!


Rachel said...

I'm liking the yellow apron but trying to figure out how I can wear an apron with the word "whore" on it. Probably not the best idea.

"Mommy, what does that mean?"

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! That's a funny mental image! :)


DanG said...

Just remember who gave you all the good Pinot leads when you hit the big time :)

The Wine Whore said...

How could I POSSIBLY forget?! :)

As soon as it happens, I'm sending you a bottle of Pinot to say thanks!


Rachele said...

The sticker looks good. I'm trying to figure out where I'll put mine. The car really isn't an option. Like Rachel, I think I may offend. Could you see the looks in the pick-up lane at school? I'm still getting one. I just need to find a spot.
Would it be wrong to follow a wine snob out of a bar (or restaurant) and stick it on their car?

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! I have one on my wine fridge as a reminder not to be a snob. :)

NO! That wouldn't be wrong at all, in fact, I think that's a GREAT idea! Not only would they deserve one of these bad boys on their bumper, but it may also teach them a lesson... kinda like the Scarlet Letter!


Shelly said...

Maybe you should just ship me some and I'll go around town randomly attaching them to cars and establishments that snobs frequent:)

The Wine Whore said...

Seriously? Would you do that? If you would, and would be willing to send proof (with the names and faces blurred out like an episode of "Cops") I will send you as many as you want!


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