Fore Truths About Wine and Golf

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After eighteen long and challenging holes, I've come to the following realization:

1) Like a fine wine, mastering golf can be very complex.

2) Both wine and golf take a lot of time and patience to fully understand.

3) Like an expensive bottle of wine, do not leave your clubs unattended... especially if they are borrowed from a good friend! Take your eyes off 'em while hanging out in the clubhouse and they may end up going home with the wrong golfer. (I learned this one the hard way)

4) I'm much better at drinking wine!

I am finally home... feeling a bit disconnected (after a day offline from twitter, facebook, email, and all of the other techo distractions I've come to know and love) exhausted from a long day of sucking at golf, and looking forward to passing out for the night!

Did I miss anything while I was out getting my ass kicked on the course?

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)
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drinknectar said...

Are you saying you got your clubs stolen or mistakenly taken? Did you get them back?

You were offline for quite some time, I was afraid you got cracked in the head by a wayward ball and were passed out on the fairway being eaten by alligators or something.

I don't play golf either, but right now I don't need another hobby.

Welcome back!

Richard Auffrey said...

Every time you go away, you miss the free wine, cigars and dancing girls that were offered. Just bad timing I bet.

I much prefer miniature golf. It is easier, you don't have to walk as far, and is much more fun.

The Wine Whore said...

It was actually more of a mistake than anything... apparently the caddy put my clubs (which were actually borrowed from a friend) in someone else's car! :(

Had to drive all the way back to come get 'em once they figured out what happened! Not cool!

LOL! Is there any chance I can pretend to go away and then sneak back in to enjoy the wine, cigars, and dancing girls?!? :)

I'm with you... miniature golf is IT for me! :P

Richard Auffrey said...

We shall see. The problem is that there is never any advance notice for the wine/cigars/girls. It just weirdly seems to happen when you are away.

The Wine Whore said...


I'll have to try and sneak up on 'em next time! :P

Waskily wabbit!

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