Are Wine Bloggers Socially Handicapped?

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I was reading this post over at friend and fellow wine blogger Louisville Juice's site and I started to think. Sure, I've met some great fellow wine bloggers... You don't have to look far to see which ones they are, just check out the comment section of any of my posts. I've also found a lot of wine bloggers out there that prefer to operate in their own little wine bottle.

I learned this the hard way when I tried to put together the Wine Online Scavenger Hunt. You wouldn't believe how much trouble it was just to get some wine bloggers to take five minutes to email me a clue that would ultimately drive traffic to their site. Several bloggers wouldn't even participate after I offered to come up with a clue for them. I mean, COME ON!

This begs the question, are some wine bloggers and self-proclaimed "social media gurus" really just socially handicapped?


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Rob said...

The short answer: yes

The long answer: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss

I am amazed at how many dorks with computer savvy there are in the wine blogging world. Sometimes I am even more surprised at how many dorks there are in the wine industry in general.

Maybe I should stop being surprised...

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! It didn't really hit me until I watched the episode with Dr. Vino and Gary V... I actually looked in the mirror and said to myself, "do I look like THAT?"


allan said...

That's an interesting hypothesis. Given that wine is, almost by nature, a social drink it would be odd for people to write about wine to be socially handicapped.

I know, I personally am not a fan of people :). That's why I organize a wine club, this forces people to be my friend ;)

The Wine Whore said...

Do you think that there is a correlation between the amount of wine geek to social geek? Wait a minute, I can't believe I am trying to use statistics to figure this out... man, we are nerds, aren't we? :)


Shelly said...

I think some people blog for fun and sharing info and making friendships and maybe a little money. Those that are in it solely for the money are usually pretty one-sided. The "big guys" in the blogosphere, be it with wine or other, will send you all their form e-mails to get you purchase stuff but you will rarely see them comment on your blog. They may have started out that way, but then get too big. It's really a shame.

Wine is social. I like my blogging to be social as well. Guess it just depends on your goals.

I think, sometimes, in your case, they are knocking themselves in the head for not thinking of "that" first. They don't respond to make you feel "little" and therefor don't have to admit it's a good idea. Just my thoughts.



Kevin said...

Not handicapped, just socially challenged.

Personally, I'm an introverted person, until you get me talking about a topic I'm interested in. That could be wine, games, movies or football, but otherwise I'm fairly quiet. Many have told me I speak little, but say a lot, whatever that means.

allan said...

I think there may be..I know I've heard people say that Robert Parker is hard to approach. Not that he is unfriendly, or stand-offish, but it is hard for people (even wine lovers) to relate to his level of knowledge.

Keying off Rob's point: there is a natural alignment between computer geeks and wine geeks. The orderliness of the wine making process appeals to the geek in me, as does that little bit of magic needed to make great wine and great programs.

Besides, people have been coming to me for computer advice my whole life, its natural for them to switch over to asking me for wine advice :)

The Wine Whore said...

You know what's funny? The longer I've been doing the whole wine blogging thing, the longer my list of blogs that I follow grows. I spend a great deal of time going through my feed reader and commenting on as many posts as I can. I can't do as thorough of a job on Facebook and twitter because I have to constantly filter out the noise.

That being said, my interactions with others is how I learn about wine and about what people are talking about... in a way, it's my muse. I hope I never lose site of this.

That's an interesting point about the lack of response... you would think people would work together to promote good ideas. I am just glad there are people out there like yourself who have supported me in this journey... I learn a lot from our interactions and look forward to many, many more! :)


dcpatton said...

I think your point is valid. However, I think that wine bloggers' resistence to giving out the link love is no different than that of the general blogosphere. In resent years the blogosphere has become more competitive and less giving. However, there are a lot of bloggers arguing that linking to others is what brings them the most success in the end.

The Wine Whore said...

Great point about the competition factor but here's the funny part: I was NOT asking for a link, I was the one GIVING the link! Wouldn't you think people would take five minutes to participate?


drinknectar said...

Interresting dialogue! being the new whore on the block (1 month in) - I have found pretentious sites, total dorks, people who are pretenders, regular joes, and people with real business models. I think most of us have our underlying narcissistic tendencies to see our empire grow and think we have influence over the wine world. The other commonality is our love and passion for wine!

Personally, I am the coolest person I know!

Yes, I find it strange that there are only a small % of people who are truly social in their social media.

Two quotes that I've heard recently that I try to keep in mind.

GaryV - Content is key. If you have good content you will explode. If you have bad content, you will be exposed.

Unknown - It's called social networking. Without being social, it just becomes networking, so RT, Follow, DM and be nice. Small town rules apply.


Richard Auffrey said...

Like any community, there is a great diversity of people involved in wine blogging. Some are very social and generous in their undertakings. Others are social, but selfish, seeking only what others can do for them. Others are unsocial, but generous--unsocial and selfish--etc, etc.

I find myself reaching out far more to the social/generous bloggers. It is just more fulfilling to me. I love meeting fellow bloggers in person, sharing our common passions.

We do have to realize one does not have to be social to start a blog. Anyone with a computer can do so. So it is easy to understand all the different types out there.

Jainomo said...

Hey, how come I didn't get any invite to do a scavenger hunt? As a recent reader of your blog, and vice versa, I am almost insulted! You should send it on over :).

The Wine Whore said...

Josh, great quotes! I think you are pretty awesome but I am still the coolest person I know... right next to Chuck Norris, of course! :)

Also, Richard I like your take on the different personalities of wine bloggers... do you think the majority of bloggers are selfish? I would also bet that the majority of successful blogs are very unselfish and giving, at least at first.

Jainomo, I did the scavenger hunt several months ago but you better believe that you will get an invitation for the next one! :) Sorry to have left you out.

Anyone have an idea for an event or other type of online activity that could bring us all closer?


Richard Auffrey said...

I think the majority of bloggers, or any type, are not selfish. It is always a minority that seems to have problems. I know plenty of very nice wine bloggers, and far fewer who I consider selfish.

The Wine Whore said...

I would have to agree with you Richard... I have met so many wine bloggers that I would consider friends. Maybe we are all just a bit socially handicapped one way or another, but as long as we have something in common (wine), how bad could any one blogger really be?


Dale Cruse said...

Hold on. You looked on THE INTERNET and determined there are a bunch of geeks there. That's like going to a swinger's club and complaining about all the naked people. C'mon.

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Dale, good point! I guess that's kinda like going to the old folks home to pick up chicks...

Ok, so here's a question for you: Do you think that the wine blogger demographic is representative of the general population of wine drinkers?


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