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Hey folks... I'd like to take a minute to share some stuff brought to you by the same kind folks that help keep The Wine Whore drinkin'. I've hand picked these guys not only because they're cool and into wine, but they also offer some neat stuff for fellow winos to enjoy. If you have a website/product/service/talent and would like to help support my drinking habbit, click here for more info on becoming a sponsor.

Please show them some love by checking out what they're up to...

Sterling Wine Online.com
Eco Friendly Products - Recycled Wine Products - Eco Gifts

There is such a romance between wine lovers and eco friendly products and I can�t think of any other industry that is more creative when it comes to crafting such beautiful works of art from its used items.

Recycled and Earth friendly products help bring all those wonderful memories of your favorite winery or vineyard home. They will make an elegant addition to your wine home decor.

These stunning Green Products make it easy to recycle and they are proudly made in the USA! ...check 'em out!

Time for Wine
Time For Wine is a retailer (without a storefront) of wines from around the world that are not available in stores or restaurants in the area. The wines we sell typically come from smaller family owned/boutique wineries that emphasize quality over quantity production. You no longer have to go shop for that perfect bottle of wine, and you have the opportunity to sample the wines before you actually purchase them.

The company has existed in the Tampa Bay area since 1980, and is family-owned. Since our wines are stored in our warehouse locally in Tampa, we can arrange deliveries to your doorstep or arrange shipments to fit your specific needs. Whether it is for a delivery or a tasting, we bring the wines to you.

Some of the services we can offer include:

  • Private Wine Tasting (Homes, Offices, Fundraisers &
    Charity Events, Weddings, etc...)
  • Personalized Wine Labels with your Custom Message,
    Logo, or Photo (for holiday gifts, birthday presents,
    additional marketing for your business, etc.)
  • Wine Gift Baskets for VIP and Client Appreciation
  • Teach & Taste Wine Seminars/Wine Education
  • Wine Selections Shipped Directly Shipped to Clients,
    Friends, or Family outside of this area (within the US)
    ...check 'em out!

Napa Land Trust
The Land Trust of Napa County works to protect the natural diversity, scenic open space and agricultural vitality of Napa County by preserving lands with significant conservation values and by fostering an appreciation and understanding of the natural environment. To accomplish our mission, we:

  • Identify and permanently protect significant lands in Napa County by acquiring fee title, by accepting conservation agreements from landowners and by assisting in the transfer of lands to local, state or federal agencies for protection.
  • Manage Permanent Preserves and other Land Trust-owned lands and monitor and enforce conservation agreement restrictions to protect conservation values and to provide the public with an outstanding example of enlightened land stewardship.
  • Provide educational and research opportunities to foster appreciation and understanding of the natural environment and the conservation of natural resources.
  • Effectively communicate with members and the public to promote greater involvement in the Land Trust's activities.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness and involvement of board, committees, staff and volunteers.
  • Obtain and manage funds to carry out the Land Trust's work in a fiscally responsible manner.
    ...check 'em out!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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