Sticker Showdown

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After my cries for help, I am faced with a real problem. While trying to come up with a sweet tagline for a Wine Whore sticker I got so many great suggestions, I can't figure out which one should be awarded the prize of a FREE Wine Whore t-shirt.

Which one do you think is the "wine whoriest" slogan?

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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hampers said...

Nice blog. Just gone through it and found the way of deciding the winner of FREE Wine Whore t-shirt looks great. Keep up the good work.

The Wine Whore said...

Thank you! I always wonder if these kinds of things are corny... but in any case, they are a lot of fun!

Some great ideas here... maybe I should give away a t-shirt to everyone who participated... what do you think?


Rachele said...

Cool. Where's my shirt?

The Wine Whore said...

Actually you weren't the only one chosen... since I combined two of the top suggestions I owe two shirts! :)

Your suggestion will be featured on a bumper sticker to be announced within the next week! I'll be working up the layout over the holiday.


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