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If I see another person who thinks they are friggin' Gary V, I'm gonna puke! Seriously people, WTF?!?

Sorry to "crush" everyones dreams but here is the REAL secret behind social media: if you are a money grubbing douche bag, stick to your lousy 9-5 job. There is no hope for you. People will see right through your quest to become a slacker and no respectable company will ever sponsor your site.

If you want people's attention, be honest, don't sell out, and for everyone's sake, don't ever say the phrase "Crush It".

P.S. Anyone who has a problem with this statement can kiss my ass! Crush THAT!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Wine Harlots said...

Oh sweetie, rough night?
From one whore to another, dont'ja think you're being a wee bit harsh?
Open a bottle of wine, it'll be all better, I promise!

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Maybe I am just cranky today but I hope people understand the message behind this post. The intent is not to attack or criticize Gary but to remind people that you can't just copy something (albeit often rather poorly) and expect to make millions of dollars.


tampawinewoman said...

Sure, I'll jump into this fray. In addition to watching 1.5 hour book signing video yesterday from Gary V at BookSmith. I also purchased the book and read the whole thing yesterday. It reminded me that there is nothing wrong with letting someone see your passion. However, as the Wine WHORE should realize, you can't fake passion. You either have it or you don't. I am guilty of using the term CRUSH it on a Facebook post last night. But more as a tribute to a book that reminded me that it was time to get off my ass and work my face off!

The Wine Whore said...

That's a great point... you really can't fake passion. BTW, this post was not aimed at you or your FB post last night. :)

It's just that I have seen a lot of people believing that all they need to do to make millions and quite their daily jobs is to start a blog. While it may be easy to get free wine this way, it is hardly a way to gain instant worldwide domination. In the end, you should really just do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do... I think THAT is really the point of Gary's book.


Brian said...


You nailed it with you last sentence in the last comment. The point is to "do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do". I know of too many people (I'm guilty) of working my ass off in a job 24x7. It consumes my life (but also pays the bills) in a negative way. I too am guilty of using "Crush It" on Facebook, but for different reasons. I think it comes down (for me at least) to starting to realize there is more to life than my cubicle...

The Wine Whore said...


I think we are all struggling with the challenges of living day to day in a cubicle. It would be so awesome to make a living off of passion but sometimes it just doesn't happen... either way, as long as I am doing what I enjoy (for even a small part of the day) I am happy.


Ed Thralls said...


Sorry, dude... gotta call B.S. Have you read the book? I doubt it. The basis is exactly what you speak: doing something you're passionate about. Gary is very upfront in that not everyone is going to have all the tools in the toolbox that will result in making millions of dollars -- and if people have this misconception, they are creating that illusion themselves. But, rather, the social media platform provides a model in which you can make greater than $0 and do it by doing something you are passionate about.

"Crushing it" is simply becoming a mantra meaning you are hustling your heart out to make doing what you love work for you (Randy - YOU are crushing it whether you like it or not!)... rather than wasting away in cubicle land, especially if you are unhappy there -- is everyone really putting every ounce of their being into what they do at the office for someone else's benefit? Doubt it -- which means they aren't crushing it at all.

Maybe when (IF) you ever have your whore-off with Gary (btw, why is it pushed again to next year?), he can explain it to you over a few glasses of wine.


The Wine Whore said...

Thank you Ed... honestly, for me this is about discussion, not trying to make anyone believe something one way or another. Just want to make sure everyone understands where I am coming from...

First of all, I totally agree. This post really wasn't about Gary. It was about the posers who are poorly utilizing his tactics. Been reading a lot of them lately and wanted to just "keep it real".

The event with Gary (if he still wants to do it with me after reading this post) is pushed out to Feb/Mar because as you have probably seen, he is still busy with promoting his book. Honestly, it has been difficult from the beginning getting him to respond to my emails and requests about this event. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to dodge me... but then again, I'll make sure to use my powers of crushing it and persuasion to make sure it still happens.

In the meantime, thank you for speaking your mind and contributing to this post.


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