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I realize that lately my posts have been less about wine reviews and more about wine itself. Despite the fact that I am enjoying writing in this new format, I feel that something is missing. To help fill this perceived void in the world of The Wine Whore, I've decided to revamp the wine reviews section of the site to include an easy to search database of all of the wines that I sample.

While I don't think this is going to be anything incredibly fancy, I still want to avoid some of the pitfalls that I have seen with many other wine websites. I don't want the list to be difficult to search or full of useless information. I also want to make sure to include the things that winos like myself are looking for when it comes to searching for a bottle of vino. Of course, during times like this, I think to myself "Self, what would you want to see if you were looking for wine reviews/info". After a lengthy conversation with myself about this as well as other topics like the weather and even some repressed childhood feelings, I think I have come up with a solution that will work given the limited capability that I have available due to budget and convoluted format of the blogger interface. But before I spend hours of time and energy building this database, I would be making a huge mistake if I didn't ask you, the reader, what are YOU looking for?

What type of info do you want to see included in a wine review?

What factors do you use when searching for a bottle of wine?

Is there anything else I am forgetting to consider?

I really appreciate any feedback you can offer... This is the only way I am going to be able to successfully improve the site and the way that I keep track of my wine affairs.


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Dan G said...

I'm a big fan of reviews that describe flavor and what the reviewer liked and disliked. Also did they enjoy with food or on its own and sometimes they tell why and why not.

michele said...

Maybe give your own WH Rating like Robert Parker, review how it taste,smells,ect,what you would pair it with,cost and maybe where you can find it.I often see ratings and then when I go to my local wine shop they dont carry it...oh and you could throw in a few repressed childhood memories just for a laugh..lol

Vinogirl said...

No scores, just the facts please.

Anonymous said...

This blog format and colors hurts my eyes!

The Wine Whore said...

Unfortunately, I can't change the template this weekend so there's not much I can do about the color and format...

Vinogirl does bring up a great point, most people, including myself are sick of scores. That being said, I will keep the scores out of my reviews. Instead, I will provide stats on the wines that I try... does that sound like a better solution?


michele said...

Stats are good. I will read what ever you post..:-)

Vinogirl said...

I always like when wineries include info on pH and TA, with a view to understanding the winemakers approach to winemaking and the ageability of the wine.
Any thoughts on these stats?

The Wine Whore said...

I agree! Any insight into the winemaking process including facts is always the best approach. I used to include these stats but it often became hard to find them for every bottle I tasted. I also don't know how much they really convey to the reader how the wine would taste or what to expect.

Anyone else have a different opinion?


Brian said...

For me personally, I enjoy reading about the winery/winemaker, the particular wine of course, and the price point. Honestly, I could care less about wine adjectives and points scored. I think consumers are too consumed over a wines score and forget about what makes that wine bottle so unique versus the next bottle on the shelf (the terroir, vintage, history, etc.). Everyone's palate is different, just like every wine, which makes wine tasting so unique and enjoyable.

Keep up the great work Randy.

The Wine Whore said...

It's nice to see that others agree that wine reviews shouldn't be about just a bunch of scores, boring adjectives, and dare I say, bottles of Centrum Silver invading otherwise partly lousy bottle shots! :)

I learn a lot from reading your posts, Brian. Not only do they give me great ideas on how to improve my own, but I get to learn about wine at the same time. That makes it all worth it!

Thank you for the kind words, you too!


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